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Cheer up! How to resist the viruses of SARS and influenza

Summer vacation is given to us not only for the pleasant memories.

If the rest was correct — we had to gather strength, and immune system to recover. Often this is enough to survive the beginning of autumn when the kids go back to school and gardens, students in institutions and at work the collective is restored to its previous working composition.

Meeting with old and new friends, the ability to breathe with them "one" by air increases the risk of Contracting viral diseases. This increases the chance and the weather becomes more damp, windy and dull. The feet soaked, somewhere was lost, and here and there nakalele sneeze at. But who pays attention to a light cold? Think of it, that's okay! Cost! Unfortunately most can not do, in most cases, this is the first step to more serious diseases. Therefore it is better to err and to intercept the disease at the beginning, than then to be treated seriously, to suffer and to change their plans.

By the way, do you know how viruses enter the body? Of course I do — airborne. But as it happens, thought? It turns out that the main entrance "gate" for the disease — weakened, damaged, dry nasal mucosa. If the mucous is unable to give a worthy rebuff viruses, they penetrate into the cells and begin to multiply hard, seizing new territory and penetrate deeper into the body causing a rise in temperature and intoxication. So the immune system weakens, the mucosa loses its protective properties as SARS and flu can "grow into" such complications as sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, bronchitis, ear infection, and even pneumonia. But the antibiotics to take as I don't want...

"What do you do?" — may be afraid of you. Answer: act! It means to observe the rules of hygiene and to use proper means to protect you from viruses, prevention and treatment of viral diseases. Now there are many means that help to relieve symptoms of the disease, but it is more correctly to eliminate the cause of the disease, rather than its consequences. Among therapeutic agents, there is such an antiviral drug as a "Derinat", which helps to restore and strengthen the protective properties of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, and therefore not to let the viruses in the body! It can be used as a therapeutic and as a prophylactic. Reinforcing the main protective barrier of the body, we are better able to cope with viruses and bacteria. The drug is used for protection against airborne viruses, the treatment and prevention of colds, SARS and influenza. Whether you are a business woman, where every second counts, or the mother of a restless child to use "But" without problems, because it comes in a convenient spray form that allows you to quickly and easily apply it in the nose and throat.

Выше нос! Как правильно противостоять вирусам ОРВИ и гриппа

Having strong healing properties, it helps to restore damaged mucosa a virus, and hence its protective properties. In addition, almost instantly absorbed into the mucous, he quickly shows its antiviral, immunomodulatory and reparative (healing) properties, while the stomach and liver is not threatened, and the risk of complications of SARS significantly reduced.

Do not forget that the best way not to get sick is prevention! And then the "but" helps to restore and strengthen the protective properties of the main protective barrier of the body — the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx, and thus to avoid introducing viruses and bacteria into the body.

For very young children but is produced in the form of droplets and allowed to use from the first day of life, that speaks well of its security.

Get ready for virus attacks in advance and be well always, in any weather!

Выше нос! Как правильно противостоять вирусам ОРВИ и гриппа


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