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Time masks: choose alternate and combine reminds without masks it is impossible to imagine proper care of the skin. Do not be afraid to try new tools and to mix them safely

Intensive soothing and hydrating mask Hydraphase Intense Mask from La Roche Posay

Время масок: выбираем, чередуем и комбинируем

Photo: materials of press-services

In the transitional autumn period, when on the street we immediately attacked the gusty wind, the rain, our skin has a particular need for increased hydration. And with this mission mask handles at one hundred percent — the effect lasts for several days. What is important: despite the rather thick consistency, the pores are not clogged, on the contrary, the impression that the skin begins to breathe. And, of course, as a means of this brand, which is required to have thermal water La Roche Posay, mask perfectly removes irritation on the face in the form of pimples and redness. So Hydraphase Intense Mask is a real godsend for those who have sensitive skin.

Clay masks SEPHORA

Время масок: выбираем, чередуем и комбинируем

Photo: materials of press-services

About the miraculous properties of clay for skin has long been known. But anyone who has ever used the masks from clay, noted that even if the skin is perfectly cleaned, some time you pursued dryness and tightness.

Now it is not so. New SEPHORA masks have an intensive moisturizing formula. Still, the main feature of the new masks, as unanimously decided beauty Department in the other. The fact is that with the new collection you can solve almost all skin problems. The main thing — to go to color.

Each of the masks is painted in its own shade.. So you can decide what the mask is applied to a specific area. Read and do not say, do not remember.

So, white clay is composed of chamomile so it calms the skin of any type, include the most sensitive one. Yellow clay with ginseng tones and restores. Grey — geranium — heals and narrows pores. With exotic pink lychee boosts collagen production, softens the skin and restores its healthy glow. Red is composed of acerola, rich in Vitamin C — that means, goodbye, toxins and signs of tired skin. In the bag green you can find the same white clay, but with green tea, which has antioxidant and healing properties. And finally, the blue clay with the fibers of the loofah and seaweed oxygenates, protects the skin from external influences.

And now, armed with this memo and spread out, like cards, bags with colorful masks, create your own solitaire. Want to clean your skin — apply on T zone grey mask, under the eyes some blue on the nose and chin — deep pore cleansing green.

Use options — a lot. Conveniently, all of the masks have screw-on caps, how to puree baby food. So you can use them for quite a long time.

Mineral peeling mask a "Double Shine" DOUBLE GLOW PEEL MASK from VICHY

Время масок: выбираем, чередуем и комбинируем

Photo: materials of press-services

This mask not only gives radiance double, but double cleansing. Mechanical is particles of volcanic rocks. Chemical — fruit alpha-hydroxyl acids. The result, dead skin cells are gently sloughed off, moisturized skin is actively smoothed and indeed becomes much more fresh. A nice bonus can be considered a delightful aroma of Apple and black currant peacefully exist with tea of purple freesia, peach and white musk.

Nourishing night mask with ginseng GINSENG NOURISHING TOP COAT PACK from THE SKIN HOUSE

Время масок: выбираем, чередуем и комбинируем

Photo: materials of press-services

About to Wake up in the morning rejuvenated for a few years, dream of every girl "over thirty." With this mask we can at least wipe out a few wrinkles, restore the tone of withered skin and actively to moisturize it. The complex of extracts 9 rare species of mushrooms plus extract of white ginseng — an excellent tool to prolong the youth of skin, smoothing of wrinkles and prevention of new. Just remember that, like many other beauty tool from South Korea, this mask requires a specific application ritual. First of all, clean the skin (preferably in several stages), then apply toner, then serum, emulsion and cream. And only then comes the turn of actual masks. In the morning is enough to wash away remnants with water a comfortable temperature and — forth, admiring its reflection in the mirror!


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