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Millions of beauty and happiness!

What is the meaning of people investing in the concept of happiness?

Editorial Board Cleo believes that to be happy you, reaching harmony of the inner and the outer. This idea formed the basis of the project "Beauty in a Million", where participants help to fully transform. It happened with the heroine of the third season of Natalia.

The first steps to happiness

Natalia 35 years, she is raising 15-year-old son, building a career as a lawyer. Her life is very successful, but Natalia still something in the way — lacked the feeling of happiness.

When the woman filled out an application to participate in the project "Beauty in a million", even thought the editor's choice would fall on her. The euphoria of knowing the future changes quickly gave way to fear: "what if this time nothing happens?"

The project's organizers have provided this time, so throughout the season, Natalie was supported by the psychologist Julia sviyash.

Миллион за красоту и счастье!

Photo: Svetlana Grigoryeva

Life is improving every day!

For 6 months with Natalia was a whole group of experts.

The right mood for an upcoming Transfiguration, was created by visiting School Eugene papunaishvili dance. It was for the heroine of a surprise, but the lesson bachata paired with a charming partner-teacher was very useful.

The first serious operation not long in coming. Plastic surgeon Maxim Leonidovich Nesterenko picked up for the heroine most natural form implants. Thanks to them, Breasts Natalia became more lush, feminine and sexy.

Then followed a lesson in image Studio and a visit to the dentist in the Dental Clinic Luxury for whitening and cleaning the teeth.

As a winner of the "Hollywood" smiles, the heroine moved to the next phase of the transformation began preparing for rhinoplasty. Clinic surgeon Robert A. Guryanov made a 3D model of the future appearance of the waist.

On such a positive note, in anticipation of even greater change Natalie met the semifinals of the project. It helped to hold masterly stylists and makeup artists Agency "Persona" and brand Paul Mitchell.

Finally, came the turn of septorhinoplasty. It was necessary Natalia for aesthetic and medical reasons. The operation was conducted "star" surgeon Gayk Pavlovic Babayan. Great results appreciated not only the doctor and the heroine, but also a large audience that little bustard watched the transformation Natalia.

Миллион за красоту и счастье!

Photo: Svetlana Grigoryeva

Final touches in the updated image: Natalia put Dilyara Firetown Struganova — cosmetologist and Director of beauty center. Skin renewal preparations for biorevitalisation, Botox injections and related procedures have helped to improve the complexion, smooth out terrain, pull up the oval. Here was the final photo shoot, to which the heroine has prepared a makeup artists and stylists of the salon.

Six months into the transformation, more than a million rubles to the procedure, and Natalia did not know! It is positively disposed, and then wants to change their life for the better, and she firmly believes that she'll succeed.

The third season is complete, but the project "Beauty in a million" continues, the new participants are already waiting for his "finest hour"!

For a project, you can follow Instagram project.

Olga Peskov

Photo — Svetlana Grigorieva


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