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I use lipstick? Beware of tooth decay

Scientists from the Brazilian University made the discovery, and it is not in favor of fashionistas

Let's first look at what is included with lipstick? This is usually mother of pearl or pigments, fatty foods, flavors, dyes and wax. And this is a paraffin wax. Here he attracted the attention of scientists.

It turned out that every day using lipstick, layer by layer, we leave on the teeth harmful paraffin selection. Because of its tackiness, the wax settles on the teeth, thereby adding to the remnants of food and bacteria. Is not more than a week, and under their influence enamel begins to break down, which ultimately leads to tooth decay.

Of course, this does not mean you have to completely abandon your favorite lipstick. It is enough to apply on the tooth enamel protective coating, and your lips will once again be mad men without compromising health.


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