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5 basic steps to a healthy and glowing skin

Cosmetologists give the autumn of recommendation for home care of dry and dehydrated skin

Autumn has come, soon will provide heating and our skin will start to send SOS signals in the form of dryness, the effect of tightness, rashes and unpleasant combination "oily forehead, dry, dehydrated chin."

Cosmetologists recommend 5 basic steps to a healthy and glowing skin.

For starters carefully examine the contents of the bags: not too cheap cosmetics you use? If a large part is bought in the market bottles, the loss of the skin is inevitable. Select cosmetics of high quality, which will be your ally, not an enemy.

5 основных шагов к здоровой и сияющей коже

Wet your skin type correctly! Brown algae and hyaluronic acid will help the day and a nourishing cream with vitamins A and E help the skin overnight, moistened and engorged her.

Drink, drink and drink again! Help the skin not only outside but inside. Two liters of water (not tap) between meals, restores moisture balance and will help to avoid dehydration of the skin.

5 основных шагов к здоровой и сияющей коже

No need to clean the face up! Choose tools that will do it delicately and gently.

And most importantly — a hydrating mask several times a week. They not only reduce inflammation, but also to cope with the peeling, filling your skin radiance without any extra Shine!


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