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5 women's tricks — save on cosmetics

Look at 100, it is possible without spending a lot of time and money

Quirk # 1

If you have suddenly ended mascara or have allergic to cosmetics, use natural dye — activated carbon. This drug be kept in each first aid kit in case of poisoning. Mash the pill into a powder and add a few drops of aloe juice — your vehicle is ready. It is good to do the eyelashes, it does not harm the eyes and skin.

5 женских хитростей — экономим на косметике

The mascara is easy to do самой

Quirk # 2

Sometimes a professional facial is not enough time, and black dots on the nose terribly spoil the view. Not a problem, wash your face and cover the nose with vaseline, on top of the usual cover with plastic wrap that you wrap food with warm wet towel. Remove the wrap in five to seven minutes using dry wipes gently from the comedones will not be over.

5 женских хитростей — экономим на косметике

Get rid of black точек

Quirk # 3

Over a means to soften the cuticles, or simply not at hand? But in the bag of every girl there's chapstick or lip balm. It will help treat the skin around the nails, moisturize and even heal micro-cracks.

5 женских хитростей — экономим на косметике

Equipment for nail salon, excessive дома

Quirk # 4

Do not rush to throw a bottle of roll-on deodorant, after it ended. In this capacity you can pour any cream, gel or oil. First, your vehicle will stay longer in the liquid state is less dry. Second, the ball is a massager, it will allow the cream to better absorb.

5 женских хитростей — экономим на косметике

Do not rush to throw away the bottle шариком

Quirk # 5

Broken lipstick or a jar of lip gloss at the center have already seen the bottom, and the edges scraped uncomfortable, do not rush to throw them away. To correct the situation will help ordinary candle. Simply connect the broken part and heat the lipstick will look like new. Also with the glitter — it will evenly spread on the container, when cooled — use.

5 женских хитростей — экономим на косметике

To fix the lipstick легко


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