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7 bad habits that ruin skin

Do not use aggressive means to look young

Habit No. 1

The habit of using alcoholic lotions were inherited from mothers and grandmothers. In the USSR simply did not produce other tonics, but in the XXI century, it is time to abandon this relic of the past. Alcohol is allowed only in the means to care for oily skin. And even then, it should be no more than 5%. In all other cases, these tools are degreased face thoroughly and dry the skin.

7 вредных привычек, которые портят кожу лица

Do not use skin products that contains спирт

Habit No. 2

Cream in banks is bad because it spoils quickly due to the ingress of bacteria, for example, with the fingers. Buy the tools in a sealed package with a dispenser. It is much more hygienic, moreover, the service life of the cream, and the preservation of the nutrients in it will be longer.

7 вредных привычек, которые портят кожу лица

Forget about the cream in банках

Habit No. 3

Washing your face with soap, you are breaking the acid-alkaline balance of the skin. After this procedure, the face becomes tight and dry. However, after some time, fat it appears much more than cleansing — this is a natural reaction. So choose to cleanse more gentle media: foam, fluid, lotion or tonic.

7 вредных привычек, которые портят кожу лица

After washing should not be dry кожи

Habit No. 4

Using a scrub. Particles of cosmetics much harm dry and sensitive skin. Not suitable for oily and combination skin because it clogs the pores. And when irritation and pimples to use a scrub is generally contraindicated. For additional cleansing, use a mask.

7 вредных привычек, которые портят кожу лица

Instead of a scrub use the cleansing маски

Habit No. 5

If you wipe your face with a towel, stop doing it immediately. This is true for several reasons: rubbing the skin, you hurt her; a wet cloth is an ideal medium for bacteria; the towel can cause inflammation in the skin. Use only a clean, soft cloth, gently promaqua water. And it is better to apply the cream on wet face — so suggest the Korean beauticians.

7 вредных привычек, которые портят кожу лица

Most often change полотенца

Habit No. 6

The use of a large number of different cosmetics. Lot — not so good. Every means the skin needs to get used to, but it takes time. If you are constantly changing the wash and creams, the face will appear dull and lethargic, and may become inflamed.

7 вредных привычек, которые портят кожу лица

Allow body to get used to уходу

Habit No. 7

Leave makeup on the face for a long time. Makeup must be removed as soon as you returned home, and two or three days per week a person should do to break from it. Do not buy rough makeup that clog the pores. On the tube there should be an inscription "are non-comedogenic," meaning that the means does not clog sebaceous glands.

7 вредных привычек, которые портят кожу лица

Don't leave makeup on ночь


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