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White magic: fight pigmentation

The most effective methods of whitening and skin smoothing

After the summer, even a cold, which turned out to be this year, for beauticians in orderly rows begin to contact all those who are too overzealous with the tan. The reason — the spots that have recently become one of the main aesthetic problems. What today there are the most effective methods of whitening and skin smoothing, and what they prefer? Helps to sort out this issue doctor of aesthetic medicine, chief doctor of the Moscow Institute of beauty Belle Allure Elena Vasilieva.

Just note: although today the market for cosmetic sold a lot of beauty products that promise to solve problems of pigmentation at home, it is better to turn to professionals. Because only a specialist is able to determine which of the existing methods to offer you. But knowing all possible options and you yourself will also be useful.

Different types of peelings

Peels are able to solve a number of problems — ranging from the usual cleansing and ending with anti-age care (prevention and slowdown of aging processes). And, of course, many of peelings to address the problem of pigmentation.

Peels are:

mechanical (scrubs, gommage);

enzyme (enzymes of vegetable origin);

chemical (surface, mid — in the salon and the medical center, the deep — only in the clinical hospital).

The last chemical that give very good results and is one of the most popular. They are based on the action of chemical agents (usually acids) that remove the Horny layers of the skin to a predetermined depth, simultaneously stimulating the regeneration of new cells.

With the problem of pigmentation copes Glycolic chemical peel. Because he is the most gentle of all, it can even be used in adolescents from 15 years. For sustainable result is to hold an intensive course (2 times a year for 4-6 sessions at intervals of 8-10 days) and as a supporting course 1 treatment per month, and a daily application of funds for home care, sunscreen SPF30.

Белая магия: боремся с пигментацией

Deep chemical peeling is done only in clinical stationarea:

New chemical peels that appeared on the market, we can note the Yellow Peel. Its peculiarity is that when applied to the skin it does not cause initial damage to the skin, unlike phenol, TCA, salicylic acid and so on. It have a powerful stimulating effect on the cellular structure of the skin. The absence of primary skin lesions allows for this type of peel, even patients with thin, sensitive skin. Histological examination showed that the stimulating effect on the cellular structure of the skin is stored for 6 months after the procedure Yellow Peel.

Beauty shots

If you take injection techniques, you should pay attention to the bioreparation. What it is and what these "beauty shots" are different from biorevitalisation and mesotherapy? We can say,
what is a mix, or, as they say, bioreparation is an advanced biorevitalization. Bioreparant — drugs that are used to bioreparation —
in addition to hyaluronic acid are composed of other components, whose action is directed on activation of processes of tissue repair at the cellular level. That is why bioreparation solves a number of issues, including the reduction of pigmentation.

Usually the course includes about 4 treatments with a frequency of 1 every three weeks. A nice bonus: in addition to improving skin tone you will be able to get rid of wrinkles, tighten the skin
and to get rid of bruises under the eyes.

Hardware cosmetology

For those who are not ready for injections, the services of hardware cosmetology. One of the most modern methods of influence on pigmentation, and also combat many other skin defects is laser radiation. The advantages of this method are obvious: first, it is complete safety for the skin and body in General. Secondly, high efficiency. Laser radiation can even cope with vitiligo!

Let there be light!

A separate story worthy of phototherapy (or light therapy). About useful properties of light mankind has known since ancient times. Many centuries ago the doctors prescribed to their patients sun bathing at those or other diseases. Somewhere in the EIGHTEENTH century were made the first attempts to expose to light the blood and various organs. In the XX century these experiences acquired some kind of system. A little more than ten years ago, the cold light was used in the treatment and the results have been very successful.

Today, there are several types of phototherapy. But almost all experts prize-nano: the most effective LED machine is a revolutionary development of the French scientists — the device TriWings.

Белая магия: боремся с пигментацией

To date, the only Russian camera TriWings is in the Metropolitan hospital Belle AllureФото: materials of press-services

TriWings — the first in world practice, the light therapy apparatus that is able to combine five ranges of light waves — red, blue, yellow, purple, infrared, which dramatically increases the efficiency and speed of treatment. The program and the impact strength are selected individually depending on the problem. Through a chemical reaction activated by light energy, occurs a selective effect on the tissue that needs it. Research and clinical trials TriWings proved the safety and effectiveness of led treatment. Because this device thanks to the integrated cooling system does not heat the skin, it is absolutely painless and safe for patients.

And already after the first treatment the skin becomes smoother and lighter, and in parallel significantly reduced the appearance of lines and wrinkles, shrink pores. Even the sensations you'll feel the difference: typically clients tell me that after the treatment the skin start to breathe. But if not limited to a single procedure and pass the whole course (which is usually the advice of professionals), the texture and skin tone is improved so that the use of tonal resources ceases to be a necessity.

The main advantages of the technology:

• normalization of metabolic processes and mechanisms of cell division of the skin;

• activate the growth of young, healthy cell structures;

• activating the synthesis of collagen and elastin.

• prevention of viral and bacterial diseases of the skin;

• diagnosis of skin tumors;

• non-invasive;

• no side effects, injuries, pain during the procedure;

• simplicity and workability;

• restoration of the natural processes of the body;

• lack of rehabilitation period.

The algorithm procedure is following. First, the doctor cleans the skin with special lotion that removes dirt and makeup and prepares the skin for further exposure. After that you need to wear special glasses to protect the eyes and — you can relax: it begins the action proper of the apparatus TriWings. After the procedure the doctor applies all over the face a few drops of serum to moisturize.

To date, the only Russian camera TriWings is in the Metropolitan hospital Belle Allure.


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