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Leveled up: how to achieve a perfect smile

Expert doctor-stomatologist of the highest category, Stepan Avtandilyan — explains how the use of different types of orthodontic appliances to align the teeth regardless of the degree of curvature

Today the most popular machines are the aligners (or Kappa) and braces. Together, let us consider what each of the machines. Let's start with the braces.

Подравнялись: как добиться идеальной улыбки

Dentist of highest category Alexander Atendimento: materials of press-services


Represent the small locks, which with a special adhesive attached on each tooth separately, they are United by a metal arc. The arc is attached to the locks each with a piece of metal wire or elastic ring-ligature. The effect of this arc is that she is constantly trying to the original position, and pulls the teeth.

Braces, depending on the degree of curvature and age, worn from several months to several years. Then they are removed using a special tool that detaches from the clasp of the tooth without damaging the enamel. Glue remnants are scraped off with a special elastic.

Today in dentistry, there are several types of braces depending on the material of manufacture. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Подравнялись: как добиться идеальной улыбки

Metal braces often put ditempat:

Metal braces. The most common type, is suitable for all types. Very reliable and much cheaper than others, but are less aesthetically pleasing compared to ceramic and sapphire bracket systems.

Ceramic braces. They are made of a special durable glass. They often use adults, because of their inconspicuous color on the teeth.

Sapphire braces. To date, the most expensive. They are very similar to ceramic. Their main advantage is that they are completely transparent. In addition, they are made from monocrystalline sapphire, which is very strong material that is not colored.

The main advantages of braces:

braces are able to make the most complex movement of the teeth which are inaccessible to other devices;

- braces are non-removable device, so, firstly, are effective and quickly, and secondly, the child will not be able to remove them and discontinue treatment on their own.

Подравнялись: как добиться идеальной улыбки

The most important stage of orthodontic treatment - diagnosticato:


Detachable design aligners made them a popular solution for correcting the bite, restore the health and beauty of smile. They are invisible, transparent caps fitted to the teeth and their alignment. Thanks to innovative technology it is possible to create such plastic splints that provide maximum comfort for the patient and imperceptibly.

The main advantages aligners:

- aesthetic appearance — thin and completely transparent aligners for teeth treatment remains invisible to others;

- ease and simplicity of care. Aligners for teeth do not require special care, so no need to learn any specific methods of cleaning. Often enough a regular toothbrush and rinsing in water;

- absolutely safe for health, environmentally friendly material.

Two completely different systems, but both are aimed at one result — to give a beautiful smile with straight teeth. The main thing to remember is that orthodontic treatment consists of several stages, and the first and most important of these diagnostics. After collection of patient data, to understand in each individual case, the doctor will be able to recommend a particular device or provide you with an independent choice.


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