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How to relieve a toothache

Toothache, and the doctor soon to get impossible? There are several ways to help themselves

The most common method of relief is a pain medicine. But remember, three hours before a visit to the doctor is necessary to refuse from taking pills, which can distort the picture of the disease.

There are methods of folk medicine to relieve toothache.

— Make a warm soda solution (1 tsp per Cup of water), add a few drops of iodine. Rinsing his mouth.

— Clove oil to RUB into the affected area and it will reduce discomfort. You can add 5-6 drops in a glass of water and gargle this solution your mouth. Crush two stars of cloves, mixed with vegetable or olive oil. The slurry was applied to the tooth.

— Take a SIP of vodka and hold it in the area of the affected tooth. Absorbed through the gums in the alcohol, this place should be numb and the pain subside for a while. This recipe is contraindicated for children.

— Massage the hand with a piece of ice. This massage reduces the pain of toothache. Need to find a V-shaped area where two bones of the thumb and forefinger. Ice cube to put pressure on the area for 5-7 minutes.

— Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. This solution to rinse the oral cavity.

Как облегчить зубную боль

Rafael Isaev, candidate of medical Sciences, dentist, ortophoto: materials of press-services

Rafael Isaev, PhD, dentist-orthopedist:

— It is better to rinse your mouth with warm soda solution. It is forbidden to do warm compresses, and strong bandage. To completely get rid of a toothache at home is impossible, and all actions should be aimed to get to the doctor.

Toothache is a dangerous symptom. In most cases, pain indicates acute inflammatory process. In the best case, the person risks losing a tooth, in the worst — life. A bad tooth is the source of the infection. Of tooth pathogens can get into the stomach, into the bloodstream. Cases when people die from sepsis, which was caused by long untreated tooth, unfortunately, not uncommon.

A very common cause of toothache is periodontitis — inflammation of the tissues surrounding the tooth root. Sometimes that is a precursor of periodontitis becomes a pulpit, and then the person together with pain occurs the heavy putrid smell from the mouth. Before the visit to the doctor you need to ensure maximum oral hygiene. Recommended rinsing with antiseptics. To protect yourself from such unpleasant surprises, correctly, and thoroughly brush teeth, use dental floss or Waterpik and visit your dentist at least once every six months, even if you have no pain.


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