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Glyuk'oza: "I haven't made a single injection of beauty"

Singer — hasbinding and other lifehacks to preserve youthful skin

Hasbinding is facial gymnastics, which is almost the replacement to Botox. Singer Gluk'oza seriously engaged in this exercise and share with its system of daily exercise, as well as lifehacks to preserve youthful skin.

Today, young girls did not hesitate to inject myself Botox and hyaluronicto stop the aging process of the skin. But they don't understand that sit down literally on the needle. Watching such victims is the beauty I have for several years and are horrified, as it can lead to serious consequences: not all gels are suitable, and as a result, the skin becomes lumpy, some part of components are not resolved. And sometimes, that drugs are bad prick, and it's all visible. At some point the consequences at all can be disastrous: it turns out the opposite effect — a 30-year-old look 40. I haven't made a single shot beauty. All you see is mother nature and my little secret — place huskies. I've been doing this more than six years and I can say that the effect is simply stunning. Most importantly, hasbinding prolongs youth, but it does not change your face unlike beauty shots.

There are exercises for different muscle groups. For example, eye exercises are particularly relevant for those working at a computer. When I work on the set, flashes from cameras adversely affect the eyes, and here the exercises for the eyes is simply irreplaceable! Also a very important part of the face is the mouth and the skin around the mouth. In this area become quickly visible age-related changes: wrinkles, creases.

Daily set of exercises takes no more than 5-10 minutes. Hasbinding convenient because it can be done, even if you apply cosmetics and, for example, going somewhere in the car. But it is advisable to perform the exercises before applying makeup, then you won't smear the makeup, as some exercises to face need to touch. And remember, no exercises will not make you younger, if it does not become a system, as well as going to the gym.

Facial gymnastics from Glyuk'oza

Глюк’Oza: «Я еще не сделала ни одного укола красоты»


Exercise for forehead

Two index fingers pressed against the eyebrows and keep them, and try to do a surprised face. Forehead should not pucker.

Another exercise for forehead: connect the palm house and click on the forehead above the eyebrows. Wybuchem eyes ten times. This will also keep the head and give him to wince.

Глюк’Oza: «Я еще не сделала ни одного укола красоты»


Eye exercise

Much zazhmurivaet eyes sharply open, as though you were frightened. Repeat ten times. Do not be afraid that the skin around the eyes much wrinkles, blood vessels, blood circulation should work well, like skin. It is the blood circulation restores youthfulness, correct the complexion and creates the right framework, your muscles will keep your skin.

Глюк’Oza: «Я еще не сделала ни одного укола красоты»


Exercises for the mouth

Do mouth tube. Then, the tubes open widely mouth again and make a tube. It is important that during the execution of the exercises felt like you were chewing gum, to the point that you will begin to reduce the cheekbones. Thus, needs to pump the muscles that hold the cheeks.

Draw the circle closed lips, try to draw a circle mouth as large as possible diameter.

Tightly tuck the lips inside and squeeze them, and then in this position try to smile. Chic exercise, after which even may appear natural flush on the cheeks.

Глюк’Oza: «Я еще не сделала ни одного укола красоты»


Warm-up for the skull

Loosen up the muscles of the head near the forehead. It forces us to Wake up and starts the body. Also very good for blood circulation of the head.

Exercise for the ears

Massage the ears and earlobes, and then they try to move. With the eyes and other parts of the face does not move — only the ears.

For the neck

The neck often gives the woman's age. Her need special care. Try to lift the head and stretch it like a turtle shell, rising above a chin.


Compressed lips inside as you do usually after they are painted. To do with stress.

All exercises start with ten repetitions, gradually increasing the load up to twenty times daily.

Глюк’Oza: «Я еще не сделала ни одного укола красоты»

The secret of youthful skin — frozen cubes of romashkovoe:

The complex "anti-stress"

Often after long flights or long work I need to look good. So I worked out for myself the complex, which is called "stress." He is a great addition to gymnastics for the face.

Contrast showers and headstand

Douche, washing, sports — everything that makes work vessels, also good for the skin.

Anothertip: wait on the head if you have no contraindications, it improves blood circulation and complexion.

Ice cubes with chamomile

The secret of youthful skin — frozen cubes of chamomile. Freshen and clean the mesh from the face. Cubes you can buy ready-made or make yourself. Brew chamomile tea, add mint to the effect of a light chill. Cool and freeze in cubes. Wipe your face as needed. Better in the morning. This recipe is suitable for both women and men (eg, after shaving).

Spoons for eyes

Put two spoons in the fridge for a while so they become cold. Then follow these steps: attach them to the eyes for a few seconds and remove. Be careful not to overdo it and not chill the eyeball.


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