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Among the factors affecting the image of a woman, the teeth occupy not the last place

It is not only their appearance, but also the condition of the oral cavity in General. To achieve lasting impact, we must pay the closest attention to. In the medical periodicals are full of recommendations relating to the topic of teeth. Unfortunately, not all of them are universal. Unfortunately, tooth decay is not only the wrong food, or bad toothbrush. In these cases, requires regular monitoring by a specialist and the gradual restoration of teeth.

If the problem has gone away, without prosthesis is clearly not enough. To start it should be after treatment of caries, periodontal disease and a number of other events. Significant progress in the field of aesthetic dentistry has reached Classic Esthetic Dent, or, as it is called, clinic you. Patients who applied to the institution, appreciated its advantages.

Over the years the clinic in her brilliantly performed thousands of operations. Patients returned not only a beautiful smile but also the functionality of the teeth. Of course, modern prosthetics differs from the previous techniques. In the Arsenal of specialists today have the best dental materials: veneers, crowns, bridges, inlays, implants. Depending on the conditions of fixing of the structures is removable and conditionally removable and fixed. The first category includes dentures on suckers, as well as installed on the abutment teeth. Conventionally, dentures are removable, fixed on the implant. Remove them can only be a specialist. Fixed restorations are inlays, veneers, bridges, crowns, and finally implanted into the jaw with titanium implants.

Used by dentists innovations ensure impeccable results. Externally and functionally, the prosthesis successfully mimic natural teeth. Thanks to its compatibility with living tissues, have no problems with chewing of food, no flavor and very aesthetic.

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