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Malocclusion in adulthood has become more accessible

Dentistry is evolving with new methods of treatment of diseases, which allow to achieve results in cases previously considered hopeless

The most striking example is the malocclusion of the patient in adulthood. Even 20 years ago, orthodontists had to deal mostly with children and teenagers, were believed to influence the development of maxillofacial system is possible only in the growth period of the organism. For this purpose we used various tools: orthodontic removable plates, trays, etc. Now orthodontists have a wide range of tools with which help it is possible to effectively correct the bite and return aesthetic appeal to man.


Today, braces have become one of the most popular means of correcting malocclusion. They represent a system of metal, plastic or ceramic linings, which are fixed on the teeth crowns. They are combined into one system using a thin wire so as to exert gentle pressure on the teeth. Depending on which side of the crowns, the braces are, they are divided into vestibular and lingual. The first option may be an inconvenience due to the lowering of aesthetic appearance of man, they are on the outside of the teeth. The second option allows to hide the presence of braces in the oral cavity, they are fixed on back surfaces of the teeth. The malocclusion in the first and in the second case will be effective and will help to shift the teeth in the row so that they are properly meshed.


Trainers resemble a mouth guard, they are worn over the entire dentition and are made of transparent plastic. However, they differ in that you must wear it only at night, perhaps wearing only 2-4 hours. They are often used in cases where it is necessary to achieve several goals simultaneously: bite correction, getting rid of bad habits, treatment of disorders of speech, etc.

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