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Spotted patterns: we remove from the face of the consequences of the hot summer — freckles and age spots

It October is the perfect time to return the skin a smooth tone and radiance

Indian summer has flown by and the autumn came. The sun is getting smaller, and more rain, without raincoat you don't already get out of the house, and the umbrella is firmly prescribed in the bag. But before you faint, October is ideal in order to remove consequences experienced during the summer months of stress, restore skin radiance and even tone to get rid of freckles and age spots. Figure out how to do it.

The population of the planet Earth actively mixed is not the first century, and with it constantly changing, the process of pigmentation. The color of the skin of people is not so uniform, and occasionally the pigment appears unexpectedly. What causes age spots? First, of course, is to put an active sun exposure (especially if the person neglects the special protective equipment) and Hiking in the Solarium — a habit that you really need to get rid of. Experts are not tired to prove his injury and claim that the Solarium can be no more than two times a year. Also the problem of pigmentation can worsen during pregnancy because of the liver and endocrine system, treatment with antibiotics and hormones. Aggressive cosmetic treatments can also cause unwanted pigmentation. Note: even those who initially invented specifically in order to get rid of it is superficial and medium peels, microdermobrasion, hardware methods of skin resurfacing, etc. When they are done according to indications, in compliance with all security measures and to proper skin care after the procedure, the result will be excellent. But if something on that list has been neglected, do not be surprised that the effect may be the opposite — pigmentation will increase and the skin will start to peel off. In fact, any damage to the surface layer of the skin causes pigmentation if the procedure is done carelessly or the patient did not use it after sunscreen.

Unfortunately, while the removal of age spots is one of the most difficult tasks in cosmetics. To achieve a result, it is often necessary to spend a lot of time, effort, and most importantly, money. The fact that the formation of age spots, strange as it may sound, is quite natural. So our body is protected from the aggressive sun exposure. The mechanism of melanin production is quite complicated. To influence it, respectively, too tough. Even if the stain, when hit by ultraviolet light it can come back, because most of the medicines and technologies removes the pigment that is already there, but does not affect the formation of the new.

Пятнистые узоры: убираем с лица последствия жаркого лета — веснушки и пигментные пятна

Freckles and age spots appear after active solar, vozdeistvovat:

The reason for the formation of the pigment are different, so a single that is appropriate for all method of removal of stains simply do not exist in nature. If you've decided to get rid of the ugly patterns, for a start go to a good dermatologist. He should examine your skin type and pigmentation and to pick up a set of procedures. And you will choose from! Arsenal updated every year: this acid peels, and mesotherapy, and more thorough — laser resurfacing and ELOS stimulation. About updates to describe in greater detail. Flash laser when grinding heat up the top layer of skin that contains the maximum dose of pigment. The affected area first darkens, and then formed a thin crust which will take place about the fifth day. Laser resurfacing is considered to be the most effective. There are the "fly in the ointment": the laser is not very effective on dark skin and in deep spots, so how does the surface layers. ELOS-therapy suitable times when it is necessary to remove deep or hereditary stains. The action of the apparatus is reduced to light and bipolar current. The cells are heated and destroyed under its influence. Spot similarly darken and then crust over and gradually the color of skin is leveled. After the procedure it is only necessary not to forget about sun protection.

Doctors are not tired to repeat all these manipulations can be carried out only after the holidays. If you fall you are going to go on vacation, the fight against pigmentation is to be postponed until winter. Procedure, removes unwanted pigment, not just made in the cold season. After their skin especially sensitive to UV light. This means that the stain can not only reappear, but become more. To protect themselves is difficult, because even being in the shade does not protect from UV rays. It will not help tools with a high SPF factor. You will waste both time and money.

What to look for in the composition of funds from pigmentation? The strong bleaching ingredients are hydroquinone and tretinoin. Funds with them pretty quickly lightens spots. However, they will benefit only if you apply them under medical control. These substances can be toxic, so for home use it is better to choose softer drugs. A safe alternative to hydroquinone and tretinoin is arbutin, which is derived from the leaves of bearberry and cowberry. Also work well natural brighteners: extracts of Goji berry, BlackBerry and algae, titanium dioxide and zinc, vitamins C and PP, azelaic, malic, lactic and glycolic acid, etc. to Apply such funds all year round without fear, if you do not forget two main rules: they need to be applied strictly at night and use sunscreen

Kiss of the sun

Many of these funny red dots on the skin may seem very cute, but by "sun-kissed" people rarely enjoy. If you also dislike their freckles, daily use a sunscreen with a protection degree of at least 50. It is better to choose a tool with mineral filters: it does not penetrate into the skin, but perfectly reflects the sun's rays. Well, if your diet will be products with vitamin C, which slows down the process of pigmentation. Lean on currants, apples and cabbage.

If irreparable happened and spelled out the freckles on your face, you can remove them with the help of bleaching agents with the same vitamin C and glycolic acid or AHA acids. Banned only the use of funds with a high acid content, which work in the deeper layers of the skin. Creams and serums with their low contents can be applied absolutely safely. They exfoliate the superficial layer of the skin and improve the regeneration.

Cabin freckles removal practically does not differ from pigmentation spots. The only difference is that freckles can be removed much faster because of their small size and surface type of pigmentation, although it does not promise that next year they will not visit you again, if you do not use protection from the sun.

Пятнистые узоры: убираем с лица последствия жаркого лета — веснушки и пигментные пятна

Radiance it is necessary, baronette:

Shine always!

Glowing skin indicates that the person correct the metabolism. When the body is contaminated with toxins, the digestive processes are slowed down, so detoxification is the best way to rejuvenate the body and restore skin radiance. For starters, it is important to remove surface dead skin cells, the accumulation of which just makes your face look grayish and impedes the flow of nutrients. Can handle tools with acids. In addition, the use of antioxidant active molecules that promote oxygen delivery. When the skin lacks oxygen, it immediately affects its color.

For anybody not a secret that smooth objects reflect light better. It works on our skin: the smoother the surface, the brighter it looks. Clogged pores or a large number of dead cells gives it a grayish tone, not even save a powder with light reflecting effect. Easier and more useful once a week to do the peeling. Suitable enzyme or acid. Next, you need to fill the skin with moisture. When it is dry and dehydrated, it quickly loses its tone, elasticity and becomes matte finish. Conversely, if the skin is moisturized, it becomes smoother, firmer, promotes a healthy, natural Shine.

Often women with oily and combination skin abusing cleaning products or choose a more aggressive gels for washing. It is better to switch on the soft foam with moisturizing effect and should not be used more than twice a day. Also add in the creams and serum based on hyaluronic acid. Just keep in mind that they are until you use them, since hyaluronic acid does not accumulate in the skin. If you want long lasting effect suitable means, polysaccharides of algae: they activate cell division, and skin starts faster updated.

The final step is a healthy complexion. It so happens that the skin seems to be smooth, moisturized, but still has a dim shade. What should I do? In such case, you can help the creams, masks and serums with vitamin C. It inhibits the production of melanin, lightening pigmentation spots.

And, of course, do not forget about the main rules of beauty — skin care is not canceled, but the right diet and the proper amount of sleep will help you make the face radiant without much additional manipulation.


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