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To stop hair loss, giving Shine to your face and learn how to remove makeup is the best beauty innovations


Остановить выпадение волос, придать сияние лицу и научиться правильно удалять макияж

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The latest surveys confirmed that, in fact, each of us, alas, knows from personal experience. Our hair will eventually become thinner, and well, somehow obscenely reduced. Yes, and the scalp suddenly became visible between the roots of the hair (well, not horror?).

Experts say that the reason the ecology, the eternal stress, hormonal changes, constant manipulatie hair color and the action of ultraviolet light. Of course, knowing why your hair suddenly lost its ' volume is good. Another question: how to solve this problem? After all, those pessimistic experts warn that such a situation is to fight hard, and sometimes impossible.

But still in the yard — XXI century, and science is not in place. Brand Vichy this fall introduced three new funds with whom it is possible to reverse the situation. Every new product should tell apart.

So, hair serum instantly (and it is visible to the naked eye) restores the volume of hair and with regular use after a month returns the density of hair (proven clinically).

Sealing shampoo after the first use gives approximately forty percent of the volume, because it consists of rhamnose (a sugar plant, which strengthens hair follicles) and Tillotson (innovative molecule, able to penetrate the hair and contact with its protein structures).

And, finally, sealing restorative balm intensely strengthens and restores the structure of hair and makes them Shine.

Tone cream "Perfect tone" with IQ technology from Avon True

Остановить выпадение волос, придать сияние лицу и научиться правильно удалять макияж

Photo: materials of press-services

This is the first "smart" Foundation. That is, now you do not need painfully to try a bunch of shades to find "your": this new product will cope with the task independently. Thanks to the formula with IQ-technology new Foundation adapts to skin color, given its individual characteristics. Light texture gently falls on the face and creates a natural skin tone instead of masking effect. This, of course, does not mean that tanned girls will suit a light beige color, and pale-faced ladies can safely buy the darker shades. But in any case you will need to choose from ten options palette. For this first you need to determine undertone: pink, neutral or beige, focusing on the color of eyes and hair, and skin reaction to the sun. The second step is to determine the hue within potona. For example, in pink poptone presents honey beige and ivory, and neutral — warm beige, soft beige and porcelain. By the way, in addition to the undeniable advantages, the new product provides UV protection and spf 15 suitable for sensitive skin.

Matifying purifying mask for oily problem skin MASK EFFACLAR from La Roche-Posay

Остановить выпадение волос, придать сияние лицу и научиться правильно удалять макияж

Photo: materials of press-services

Even if your beauty Arsenal is the best concealer, still not worth it trying to mask skin problems. Because that's the way you, on the contrary, exacerbate them. After all, for example, a greasy Shine and enlarged pores have a common physiological cause of Hyperborea, increased production of sebum. It leads to the fact that your skin is ugly shines, shines. Simply "hiding" these shortcomings with the help of Foundation, you hereby provoke the sebaceous glands. So first we have to deal with your skin. The necessary funds having not only matte, but and Sebo-regulating action.

This fall, the dermatological laboratory La Roche-Posay has introduced great news for owners of oily problem skin EFFACLAR mask, which effectively cleans and visibly reduces pores, controls the secretion of sebum. This is the first in the mark mask, which controls the secretion of sebum. So after using it, the pores become less visible, the black dots visually reduced and skin looks noticeably more matte.

Micellar water MAKE-UP EXPERT from NIVEA

Остановить выпадение волос, придать сияние лицу и научиться правильно удалять макияж

Photo: materials of press-services

You also need to remember that every day you should thoroughly remove makeup (even strange that we have from time to time to repeat these truths). In recent years, probably, each of us love gently and tenderly micellar water. And indeed: just a few movements with a cotton pad — and from Foundation, powder, mascara or other decorative products is not a trace remains, because mikrochastitsy, called micelles, to quickly attract and envelop makeup, and then do not allow it to touch skin. And now — thanks to the new product from NIVEA, in parallel with the removal of makeup has the ability to take care of the skin, making it radiant and fresh.


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