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Principal "wrinkles of horror stories": how not to buy and keep

Expert chief physician of the clinic, dermatologist Sona kocharov — "goose paws", a sad mouth and the "rings of Venus"

Time flies and spares no one, and in a metropolis we would have to run stress, bad ecology, lack of sleep, fast weight loss — all this is reflected first and foremost on our face. With little care, wrong diet, slowing metabolic processes wrinkles. Today we will discuss the main types of "wrinkle-horror stories".

"Crow's feet"

Wrinkles around the eyes is not always a sign of aging. In most cases, the cause of the appearance of "crow's feet" is an active facial expressions and lack of hydration delicate, sensitive skin around the eyes. Also common causes is incorrectly chosen cosmetics and lack of vitamins.

Основные виды «морщин-страшилок»: как не приобрести и избавиться

"Crow's feet" – not always a sign of stalinette:

How to fight?

There are a few basic ways of dealing with wrinkles around the eyes. At first they appear quite proper home care and mesotherapy with hyaluronic acid (for deep hydration). Crow's feet average depth correct mesobotox and moisturizing mezokokteyli. And deal with deep wrinkles will help botulinum toxin therapy. New generation drugs rid of "wrinkles" already with the first procedure does not deprive of expressions.

Sad mouth and "neoguri"

This kind of wrinkles appear because of insufficient moisture, reduce skin tone, external influences and a large load on the circular muscle of the mouth. When sudden weight loss and age-related changes reduces the layer of subcutaneous fat, become very visible nasolabial folds and "wrinkles-puppets" — that's because they face becomes sad and morose. This type of aging is most common among women of Russia, the lower part of the face gradually descends, is the so-called ptosis (skin tissues SAG).

Основные виды «морщин-страшилок»: как не приобрести и избавиться

With age, the nasolabial folds become highly zamenite:

How to fight?

To select the correct kind of struggle with this type of wrinkles should consult a cosmetologist. Depending on the specific case assigned injection and hardware procedures. The most effective in such cases, the procedure of 3D lifting. In dermatological filler based on calcium creates additional volume in the cheek and buccal areas, to stimulate the production of elastane. The effect is noticeable immediately after the procedure, the person does not leave any scars and injuries. The procedure does not require rehabilitation. Plastic surgery is recommended only in extremely severe cases.

"Rings Of Venus"

Wrinkles on the neck — the so-called "rings of Venus" appear due to the low activity of the muscles of the anterior surface of the neck, the fatty layer in this area is almost absent, the skin becomes dehydrated and thinner. Such lines appear even in young age, the years begin to go deep and, when idle, turn into unaesthetic "ripple".

Основные виды «морщин-страшилок»: как не приобрести и избавиться

"Rings of Venus" appear due to the low activity of the muscles of the anterior surface of seephoto:

How to fight?

When the shallow surface changes in the period from 25 to 35 years required peels with fruit acids. If the "ring of Venus" is very noticeable, to help TCA peeling and ELOS-rejuvenation. And in that and in other case, an additional course is assigned mesotherapy vitamin cocktails for extra hydration and maintain the result. At a later age, after 35 years, with serious wrinkles in the neck area recommended filling fillers, peelings and biorevitalization.


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