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With a male focus chose the best beauty tools for a strong half

Shower gel "For sensitive skin" NIVEA MEN

С мужским акцентом

Photo: materials of press-services

A recent survey of a strong half of mankind gave the following results: it turns out that almost half of Russian men expect from shower gel a refreshing effect. And at the same time, a third of them are holders of sensitive skin on the body. Bringing together the data, experts NIVEA for MEN has released a vital new tool that, on the one hand provides gentle care and do not desiccate the skin, on the other — gives a feeling of freshness. This was possible thanks to the unique formula with bamboo milk — it has a regenerating and antibacterial properties, but is suitable for sensitive skin.

New shower gel is part of a special line of NIVEA MEN, which is designed for sensitive skin. It also includes creams, shaving foam, shampoo and other care products for face and body. All for you, beloved!

HOMME Tonique shampoo from L'oréal Professionnel

С мужским акцентом

Photo: materials of press-services

Let's really be honest: many men now dyed hair. Well I do not want our metrosexuals to give the public that their head was gray. And some just decided to change the hue. But we must remember that and care for colored hair should be different. Carefully selected ingredients in the composition of HOMME Tonique shampoo will give tone to weakened and tired hair and will increase their shade, both natural and achieved by staining. By the way, for men with his own color hair shampoo will also work fine. Because it protects the hair from damage caused by aggressive influence of environmental factors.

After shave balm from STENDERS

С мужским акцентом

Photo: materials of press-services

Of course, we cannot evaluate this tool to the fullest. But exactly what the fragrance of the balm with bright notes of juniper — simply stunning. We also promise that a special complex of active ingredients with taurine and Siberian ginseng care men's skin will help to restore, protect and soften the skin, while peppermint essential oil contained in the balm pleasantly refreshes the skin.


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