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The TV series "the Office": your personal Arsenal of beauty advises what beauty means you should always keep on your desktop

Most of the life many of us spend in the office. This means dry air, bacteria, dust, computer radiation. To protect your skin and hair, the usual means of beauty is not enough. What to include in your office Arsenal of beauty?

Water for Beauty face Beauty Elixir from Caudalie

Сериал «Офис»: ваш личный арсенал красоты

Photo: materials of press-services

This year the iconic Water for facial Beauty brand Caudalie is celebrating the 20th anniversary. In 1997, the founder of Caudalie Mathilde Thomas discovered the legendary recipe of elixir of youth, created for the Queen of Hungary in the XVI century. Matilda immediately wanted to create a modern interpretation of this herbal elixir for the skin. Thus was born Beauty Elixir, which is a universal remedy to maintain the beauty and radiance of the skin. Thanks to its natural ingredients and refreshing care properties, this precious water has become a real must-have for world stars (Victoria Beckham, Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow's) and professional makeup artists. After all, with the Beauty Elixir you can get a glowing complexion at any time. Including in the workplace. But if you spray it in the air, it will receive its own unique microclimate, which will help to brighten up the everyday. Beauty Elixir combines sensual and noble notes of benzoin and myrrh, a soothing extract of flowers of flatorange, grapes and roses, rosemary essential oil, toning and essence of lemon balm and mint.

By the way, in honor of the anniversary Caudalie has created a limited edition bottle, decorated with gilded vine and the emblem of the brand plum shade.

Thermal water LA ROCHE-POSAY

Сериал «Офис»: ваш личный арсенал красоты

Photo: materials of press-services

This magical bottle should settle on your office Desk each girl. Especially now, in winter, when the premises are aired rarely, and Central heating makes the air even drier. So about once an hour you should use thermal water. Thanks to its antioxidant properties, it protects sensitive skin from external influences, softens it and is an effective means of care. Medicinal properties proven in the course of 12 large-scale clinical studies in vitro and in vivo and confirmed by many years of clinical experience of dermatologists worldwide.

Dry shampoo REFRESH IT from Londa Professional

Сериал «Офис»: ваш личный арсенал красоты

Photo: materials of press-services

Winter is hats, which negates all your efforts to create the perfect hairstyle. Worth the drive from home to the office — and the hair hung dull strands. In this case it is necessary to keep in the nightstand "team rescue" in the form of dry shampoo REFRESH IT. To refresh the styling, you need to spray onto the hair roots and comb. The special formula gives hair a matte texture and long lasting volume and accentuate curls.

The first professional line to protect the skin in the office Office Bloom

Сериал «Офис»: ваш личный арсенал красоты

Photo: materials of press-services

It's amazing that this line appeared only now. Because each of the girls knows how detrimental to the leather office air. Office Bloom — five funds, which we are sure will be appreciated. Protective mist Office Bloom for the face, neck and décolleté neutralizes the harmful effects of blue light of the screen fills cracks, moisturizes, tones and reduces inflammation. Protective gel Office Bloom eye contour roll-on fills in the cracks of the skin and prevents the penetration of toxins. Barrier cream-barrier Office Bloom moisturizes the skin, prevents the negative effects of office environment, prevents the growth of bacteria. Antibacterial foam hand Office Bloom disinfects and cleanses the skin without using water. A two-phase Office Bloom for cleaning delicate skin gently removes trudnosmyvaemye pollution — for example, putty, ink or glue.

Each product contains an innovative ingredient — BlumilightTM. It is an active complex based on cocoa beans premium grade Theobroma that helps to protect the skin from HEV radiation, to preserve its firmness and elasticity, and also acts as an antioxidant and reduces the photosensitivity.


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