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Top plastic surgery among celebrities

Not all stars are willing to tell the truth about plastic surgery.

But today this fact hide much more difficult than before: after all, the paparazzi often pay attention to the appearance of famous people.

Plastic surgery is the ability to change not only the appearance, but also to increase their own popularity. Portal Plastik Club, where gathered the most relevant information about new products is plastics, you can find a lot of interesting articles about what stars looked like before surgery and after it. We suggest to familiarize with the list of the most common types of plastics:

● Rhinoplasty. This is the most popular operation, which is resorted to by many domestic and foreign stars, unhappy with the shape of his nose.

● Mammoplasty. This kind of operations is the most common in the world, because a huge number of women for one reason or another do not like the size of their Breasts. Read more about implants here

● Blepharoplasty. The third most popular surgery among celebrities. With age increasingly want to remove the bags under the eyes and tired drooping eyelids. To learn about the intricacies of blepharoplasty can be found here

● Adjust the shape of the cheekbones. His square jaw is a modern trend, so many celebrities decide to remove lumps Bichat, or the insertion of special implants.

● Lip contouring. Despite the fashion for natural beauty, lips "duck" to meet not less, and even become the hallmark of a number of celebrities.

Portal Plastic Club is a modern live platform where you will find information not only about star operations, but also a lot of useful information about how to change the appearance.


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