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Dispelling myths about miracle cosmetics

Black caviar, gold, silk, and even stem cells... Dermatologist-cosmetologist, leading specialist in laser surgery and therapeutic cosmetology Anna Ponomareva told about the agents whose effectiveness is exaggerated

Lifting cream with silk amino acids

These creams positioned as having the effect of tension, smoothing and filling wrinkles due to the amino acids derived from silkworm cocoons. But just so filled with a cream wrinkles impossible. It is the prerogative of the so-called fillers. All skincare give only a temporary effect, working on the surface of the skin.

Tools based on stem cells

Cosmetics based on stem cells in our time is considered a miracle, a breakthrough in cosmetology and for this reason many advertised. But how do plant stem cells, which are used in cosmetics, may affect the rejuvenation of human skin, it is unclear even to the experts. The only thing that can make plant stem cells, being in some cream, so it's to be powerful antioxidants.

Развенчиваем мифы о чудо-косметике

Anna Ponomareva: materials of press-services

Patches under eyes

The swelling is the consequence of lack of sleep, hereditary hyperpigmentation, chronic liver disease or kidney disease, circulatory disorders, etc. are Not passing the tests, to fight puffiness and dark circles with the help of the patches useless. If the tests revealed the presence of serious diseases, you can think about avoiding harmful habits and proper care of this area. Good results are mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage, botulinum toxin therapy and the application of fillers based on hyaluronic acid.

Universal means

To entice buyers of an imaginary economy, manufacturers offer creams from the series "two in one", that is, which can be used for face and body. However, these funds tend to be much denser in consistency than regular face make-up, and can cause nasty effects: of discomfort from the swelling. If the tool is marked "for face and body", then, as a rule, preparations of medical action. By the way, a special cream for neck and neckline — is also a publicity stunt. Want to moisturize the neck — use a regular face cream.

Summer and winter creams

The modern formulation is perfectly possible to use a moisturizer in the winter without any risks for the skin. The needs of the skin, of course, depending on the season change. For example, really dry Mature skin it is very difficult to nourish in winter and summer. And if the summer is good enough hydration the day and feed at night, in the cold season will increase nutritional function both day and at night.


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