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The Srat time: a day of bliss can be at home

In the period of the holiday hustle and bustle for a while, it is important not to allow yourself to relax

At spa there is no monopoly of bliss to a day of pure relaxation and at home. Moreover, all the main components of the popular treatments are sold in the store or even on the market (and some of them probably had long lie on the shelf in the kitchen and waiting in the wings). The most pleasant and useful treatments for the face, body and hair we have gathered for you the review Use our recipes and spend a weekend.

Send relatives to visit or bowling, disconnect the phone, so nothing distracts you. Dim lights, relaxing music, candles and Oriental spices — create in the apartment a real spa-salon. Choose from our list of treatments are those that most of you will like, and be alone with yourself, enjoying the atmosphere of relaxation.

Bath mate

Wrap in cheesecloth seven tablespoons of Yerba mate, put them in a pot of water and simmer for half an hour. Allow broth to cool slightly and dissolve in it half a Cup of sea salt and five teaspoons of honey. The resulting mixture, add to bath and soak in it for fifteen minutes.

How it works: This bath speeds up the metabolism and tones the skin, and acts gently. It's all about the mateine, which is contained in Yerba mate. This is an analogue of caffeine, devoid of side effects, so that such a dip will not hurt anyone.

Almond-citrus scrub

Mix half a Cup of sea salt, half a Cup almond oil and half a Cup of brown sugar. Add two drops of grapefruit essential oil, two drops of orange oil and two drops of lemon oil. RUB the peel into the skin with light massage movements.

How it works: as a base oil is better to use almond because it has a sharp odor and is perfectly soluble in itself all other components of the scrub besides softens and tightens the skin and triggers the renewal of tissues. Add to it essential oils of citrus are recognized Champions in the fight against cellulite. They increase metabolism in problem areas. Massage and additionally activates the blood circulation and allow active ingredients to penetrate deeper.

Wrap with blue clay

Take a hot bath and clean the skin from dead cells with a scrub. Mix blue clay with water to the consistency of sour cream, spread the mixture on problem areas and wrap them with plastic wrap. Then cover up with a blanket and calmly lie down for thirty minutes.

How it works: Wraps remove excess fluids, eliminate puffiness and smooth out lumps. In addition, they improve blood circulation, normalize metabolism and excrete toxins. The skin begins to literally breathe. This happens due to the huge number of vitamins and minerals contained in the clay, but the most important is silicon, which is so much blue in her class. It restores connective tissue, which is especially useful in the fight against cellulite.

Время SPAть: устроить себе день блаженства можно и дома

Treat yourself to Spa treatments at domfoto:

Ayurvedic self-massage

Heat in the palms of coconut oil, apply it on head and do massage stroking movements of the fingers, then gently RUB the ears. Foot massage spend with sesame oil, which also need to be warmed up in the palms. Sit in a chair, bend one leg at the knee and put it on the edge of a chair. Slide along the foot to the fingers of hands first up and then down. Then with one hand grasp the ankle above the heel and the other fingers start and as if to twist the leg, flexing the joints. After this, gently massage each finger and finish the massage stroking.

How it works: Doctors of Ayurveda suggest as often as possible oil massage of the head, ears and feet, these areas are the main vital spots — marma. Besides, it's not only useful, but also very nice.

Honey wrap

Two-thirds Cup of milk mix one-third Cup of liquid honey. Slightly heat the mixture and stir well (the main thing not to bring to a boil, so as not to deprive the honey of its beneficial properties). Add two drops of essential oils of lemon and grapefruit (the total amount of essential oils in the mixture should not exceed five drops). Apply on the body, wrap with foil and go snuggle under a blanket for half an hour. Then take a shower.

How it works: the Honey speeds up metabolism, relieves edema and toxins, and as a nice bonus smoothes the skin and even fights cellulite. Citrus essential oils work as a detoxifying agent and accelerate the excretion of toxins. It's a wrap, unfortunately, not suitable if you are allergic to honey or citrus fruits. Honey, unfortunately, there is no substitute. But oils of citrus — quite real: mint, camphor or eucalyptus. Keep in mind: if the skin is very hard, so the essential oils too much. Quickly rinse everything.

Chocolate face mask

Melt in a water bath for thirty grams of dark chocolate and add to it two tablespoons of thick cream. To further nourish the skin, break the egg yolk. Apply to face and leave on for twenty minutes, then rinse.

How it works: Cocoa beans — a source of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin PP fills the skin radiance, vitamin A and folic acid fight inflammation, vitamin B2 speeds up the metabolism, while iron increases oxygen to the cells. This mask will suitable for all skin types, but especially good for dry. Theobromine contained in cocoa, stimulates collagen production, and potassium with glucose moisturize the skin.

The cocktail for the face of currants

For it will be useful for frozen berries. Red currants are suitable for oily and combination skin, and black is for normal and dry. Beat in a blender with a Cup of berries and apply the paste on the face for ten minutes.

How it works: Vitamin C, which is so much in the currants, improve blood circulation and the sebaceous glands, freshen the complexion, and with regular use is able to lighten age spots. In addition, the berries contain vitamin a that increases the ability to regenerate, and vitamin H, which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Mask to improve the face oval

Mix three drops of oil of cardamom, a teaspoon of almond oil or avocado oil and five drops of rose water. Apply on face for ten minutes, then rinse.

How it works: Cardamom has a bleaching, toning and rejuvenating properties and helps the other components penetrate deeper.

Ginger scrub

Heat a quarter Cup of coconut oil and a teaspoon of sliced ginger on low heat for five minutes until the ginger will not become Golden brown. Remove from heat and RUB through a sieve. While the mixture is still warm, add a quarter Cup of almond oil and mix. When it has cooled to room temperature, add three-fourths Cup of sugar and one quarter Cup of salt. The resulting mass put into the container. The scrub can be used for face and body. Useful winter bonus: ginger peeling amazingly strengthens the immune system.

How it works: Ginger increases the elasticity of the skin and making it glow, so it should be added to lotions and body scrubs. In addition, it regulates the sebaceous glands, tightens pores and whitens dark spots. Mask with ginger and useful for Mature skin, because this root is a powerful antioxidant, it stimulates cells and increases the ability to regenerate.

Время SPAть: устроить себе день блаженства можно и дома

Stay alone with yourself, enjoying the atmosphere, rasslableniyu:

Natural shampoo and conditioner

Put on the palm tablespoon of baking soda, add a little water and mix the paste. Apply to scalp, massage gently and rinse. As a conditioner use mashed half an avocado.

How it works: the baking Soda removes styling products and is peeling. Moreover, this cleansing and regulates the production of sebum. Not suitable this method only for colored hair: unfortunately, the soda washes away the pigments. And avocado is one of the best natural moisturizers. Vitamins E and b nourish hair and make them obedient.

Hair mask with cinnamon

Add to hot olive oil tablespoon of honey and teaspoon of cinnamon. Spread the mixture on the hair and leave for fifteen minutes, then rinse with warm water.

How it works: In India cinnamon for centuries used from hair loss. It increases the blood flow to the scalp and nourishes the hair follicles. Honey enhances the medicinal properties of cinnamon, and olive oil will help to avoid irritation (pure cinnamon is pretty hot).

Banana hair mask

Here you'll find fruit that is on sale always. Break the banana in a blender until smooth, add a tablespoon of lemon juice and olive oil. Make sure that the mixture had no lumps, and then the mask then it will be difficult to wash off. Apply it on your hair for ten minutes.

How it works: banana contains lots of vitamins: vitamin E is responsible for hair growth, iron, potassium and Niacin are struggling with hair loss. Banana mask nourishes from root to tip and eliminates breakage.


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