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Five trends of plastic surgery find out which operations are the most popular

Who among us does not want to prolong their youth and beauty? Some people are lucky genetically — aged strongly "for" man looks only twenty. Someone makes every effort to improve their appearance — many hours training in the gym, proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Someone rejuvenate cosmetic state of the art tools. But to cheat age are capable only of plastic surgeons. That's why the popularity of plastic surgery grows every day.

As said by the guru of aesthetic medicine, their field of activities develops a winding and thorny path. "Plastic surgery is a constant search for new solutions, new methods and techniques. Something comes from Europe and has been successfully implemented we have something revived from the past," says plastic surgeon Yurii Dikov. So, what was the innovation in the field of beauty and transformation?

The first trend is the naturalness and naturalism

Now the actual trend is to avoid very complex surgical procedures involving a large amount of foreign material, grafts, artificial cartilage, plastic plates, etc. "We are trying to move away from the highly traumatic ways more simple actions. Therefore, a special demand is using own fat (lipofilling — author's note) for the face, Breasts, buttocks, ears, for anything" — says Yuri dick. The use of new, seamless technology also reduces the rehabilitation period and allows to achieve the maximum desired result. The most successful and sought-after by people who saw great advantages in the combination of surgery and cosmetology. Best of all are professionals who practice both, knowing the advantages of hardware and injection techniques.

The second trend — male plastic

Now men can compete with women in grooming and beauty. Every year the Russian men are increasingly mindful of their appearance. Moreover, in many professions it plays an important role. Actors, politicians, TV presenters constantly on the go, so it needs to look convincing. According to Yuri Dikova, today, 15-25% of patients clinics are representatives of the stronger sex. Men do blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, and even liposuction.

The third trend — the narrow face

No wonder the person is considered to be the hallmark of a person. To emphasize the aristocracy and sophistication of nature, you can use high cheekbones and more drawn cheeks with adorable dimples. According to Mr. Dikov, it is especially fashionable and prevalent among women today. To achieve this effect by removing lumps Bichat. The essence of this operation lies in the person gets rid of body fat in fatter cheeks. That trick is quite simple, lasts no more than an hour, is inexpensive. But the effect, as stated on the face.

The fourth trend — mammoplasty

Beautiful Breasts have always been the pride of women and admiration of men. So the popularity of mammoplastika keep up the momentum. New technology that came to us from France — breast augmentation simultaneously, the implants and own fat. Yurii Dikov argues that the simplest implant in combination with lipofilling literally works wonders. Mikrobnoe distance becomes narrower and reduces the risk of asymmetry. Usually a combination of several techniques works better than one. However, this operation is more complex and lasts longer than conventional breast implants.

The fifth trend is the increase of the buttocks

Large elastic buttocks become more attractive every day. The fashion came to us from Latin American countries. "Yet some few years ago gluteoplasty was not so popular, but just last year the number of patients who dream about big buttocks, has significantly increased", — said Yuri dick. The attractiveness of Kim Kardashian, her success and high rating among men has definitely influenced a new trend among our women. The most effective technique for increasing the buttocks is a change in their own fat.

The emergence of new trends in plastic surgery and continuous improvement of the industry, as well as its affordability, making it all the more appealing. Go to the guru of aesthetic medicine and to be transformed in a matter of days — now is not the plot of the imported beautiful film, but it is the reality of our days.


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