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Just add water: how to moisturize the skin — why is it important to choose "their" moisturizer and what beauty means you should pay special attention

About moisturizing the skin, there are at least two myths. The first myth: moisturizers can't be used in cold season. The second myth: moisturizers are not suitable owners of oily skin. Both theses are wrong.
Moisturizing cream — something from which our skin will not give up ever, regardless of its age, condition, time of day, season and place of our stay, be it dry air of Egypt or the humid climate of Thailand.

Why is water important for skin? The fact that in all living cells, including skin cells, are biological catalysts — enzymes, which regulate the process of renewal of tissues. For normal operation requires a water environment. With age, when the amount of water in all layers of the skin is significantly reduced, the action of enzymes slows down. Consequently, slower updated tissue and skin is aging prematurely.

The scientific approach

And a little bit of science. You probably know that the skin consists of water by 70%? Now, she has two water "supplier". On the one hand, the moisture from the inside penetrates to the dermis via blood vessels. On the other hand, the moisture gets on the skin, thanks to water treatment and cosmetics. It turns out that in the epidermis is a very clever molecule "gidrofilizatory" that capture moisture captured and held until enough strength.

And all would be well. Only scientists have found that some of hydrolysation in the daily renewal of cells somehow lost. And gidrofilizatory have the mystical ability to dissolve in water. Accordingly, walking in the rain, swimming in the pool for a long time taking a shower and even using incorrectly chosen cleaning agents, you risk to be short of thousands-another of these "volosovichi".

That, alas, will not slow down affect your appearance. Dehydrated skin learn easy: it becomes rough and loses its elasticity. In the most delicate areas appear fine lines, the so — called stripes of dehydration. And of course, when you laugh or yawn, the skin is a haunting feeling of tightness.

It is therefore important to restore the number of the most hydrolysation. With what will be an excellent daily basic moisturizer Hydreane Extra Riche from La Roche-Posay.

Просто добавь воды: как правильно увлажнить кожу

Photo: materials of press-services

About the effectiveness of this tool, says the team. In the first place — hydrolipide new generation of hydrolysation whose structure is close to structure of cell membranes. They naturally penetrate the epidermis, saturating the skin with moisture, soothing, reducing sensitivity and restoring long-lasting feeling of comfort. Also among the ingredients — glycerin (enhances the function of the skin barrier, moisturizes), black currant oil, apricot seeds, coriander and Shea butter. And, of course, as with all vehicles of the brand — the thermal water of La Roche-Posay: thanks to its high concentration of skin moisturizing power is saturated and acquires a sense of comfort for 24 hours.

The response from banks

So we found out: every woman needed a moisturizer that would help to deal with a changing climate, keeping moisture in the skin and retained in the normal protective barrier.

And if a customer complained about something that means either too thick and poorly absorbed, or, conversely, are too poor and do not provide the feeling of grooming for the whole day, today it's different. Cosmetic laboratories has released from their bowels, let not the army, but certainly a squad means that really work.

Light cream Aqualia Thermal "Dynamic hydration" from Vichy, on the one hand, has (justifying its name) is light, almost airy texture. On the other — provides lasting hydration for the whole day.

Просто добавь воды: как правильно увлажнить кожу

Photo: materials of press-services

Patented component Aquabioryl™, 3% — has a dual effect: it protects the skin from dehydration by creating on its surface a protective breathable film, which also fills minor damage of the epidermis, eliminating skin sensitization. Aquabioryl™ makes the texture of product great cosmetic properties, enhances softness, smoothness and silkiness of the skin. Hyaluronic acid, 0,2% deeply moisturizes the epidermis. It increases the level of glycosaminoglycans in the skin (substances that form the extracellular matrix) thereby improving skin turgor. Result: the skin is saturated with moisture, looks radiant and its tone is restored by at least 80 percent.

Only natural

Those who prefer only natural ingredients, know: excellent moisturizing properties of the aloe juice. It is no coincidence because in the southern countries it is sold in the markets as a means for calming the skin against sunburn. Universal indelible gel ALOE 99% SOOTHING GEL from South Korean brand HOLIKA HOLIKA is composed of 99 percent of the extract of aloe juice.

Просто добавь воды: как правильно увлажнить кожу

Photo: materials of press-services

The gel can be applied on face, body, hair and even eye area. It is used as a means of shaving, sunbathing and other procedures, traumatic skin. Absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling. For a more intense effect it is better to keep this spectacular jar in the fridge.

Go North

Long been known that the skin of women living in southern latitudes, very different from us northerners. Therefore, when choosing beauty products is to pay attention to exactly where is a particular cream. For example, cosmetics Lumene — a native of Finland. And they sure as hell know what it is nine months of winter and short summer.

Every drop of our serum Arctic Dew from the collection Lähde contains the daily norm of extremely soft Arctic spring water, the pH of which is close to the natural pH of the skin. For additional moisture and strengthen the protective mechanisms of the skin in the formula the serum is present in the red algae extract, extracted in the cold Scandinavian seas. The unique formula of liquid gel serum is also enriched with revitalising organic birch SAP and hyaluronic acid for maximum moisture charge.

Просто добавь воды: как правильно увлажнить кожу

Photo: materials of press-services

The serum works on even the deep layers of the skin, smoothing out wrinkles caused by dehydration. As a result, the skin looks more smooth and fresh. What we required!

Fantastic four

When choosing a moisturizer, you need to first of all focus on your skin type. Dry and dehydrated you will need a moisturizing cream rich texture, normal or oily — lightweight fluid. If in doubt, what you need, pay attention to the collection Garnier "life-giving moisture".

Просто добавь воды: как правильно увлажнить кожу

Photo: materials of press-services

Is four creams, four textures for the four types of skin. For normal and combination skin is a silky lightweight cream with a floral elixir and a blue Lotus. For dry to very dry — nourishing rich cream with a floral elixir and Camellia oil. For mixed and oily — sunscreen sorbet, where to herbal elixir added green tea. And dull skin is perfect emulsion, where in addition to vegetable elixir there is the lemon extract.

In all of those creams present moisturizing complex "life-giving moisture", which combines the best ingredients of natural origin. It is based on the amazing properties of mannose — plant component, which affects not only the surface of the skin and its deeper layers.

Meeting body

In winter, a completely stop using moisturizers for the body. On the one hand, this is understandable: when the streets (and often in the apartment) so cold, to cover himself from head to foot with cream, I feel weird. On the other, in such a season, your skin needs more moisture. To make the process of body care is not only effective, but pleasant, taste the fragrant collection from NIVEA.

Просто добавь воды: как правильно увлажнить кожу

Photo: materials of press-services

The unique formula inspired by nature that includes natural ingredients and valuable oils thanks to which the skin care has many advantages. So, light texture makes application of this skin is very nice and allows it to soak in quickly, leaving no sticky feeling or greasiness. At the same time, the blend of protective oils gives the skin softness, intense nutrition and hydration (e.g., Shea butter, known for their beneficial properties, returns it elasticity and velvety). Plus the subtle feminine fragrance is made to obtain the real pleasure from the ritual of body care.

The collection includes three flavors. Warm notes of "Vanilla dessert" are perfectly combined with almond oil. Charming perfume "Flower blossoms" in harmony with the jojoba oil. And the soft "Velvet peony" is complemented by the use of argan oil.


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