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From summer to winter: how to care for myself after the Christmas holidays gathered the best beauty products for those who have spent prolonged holidays in warm countries

Many people prefer to celebrate New year under the Christmas tree, and under a palm tree. So at the end of December charters in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia and other warmer climes usually full. Of course, the perfect place to spend a week or two on the beach, under the warm sun. But coming back to Russia, where temperatures have long been negative, you need to take care including skin and hair.

Saved from dryness

Being under the warm sun, and prolonged contact of the skin with a high concentration of salt (if you were at sea) injure our skin, causing dehydration. Therefore, in such circumstances, it requires intense hydration of the skin to prevent the appearance of dryness, flaking and feeling of tightness.

Unique mask HYDRAPHASE INTENSE by La Roche-Posay like plunges skin in a thermal bath with powerful hydrating ingredients.

Из лета в зиму: как позаботиться о себе после новогодних каникул

Photo: materials of press-services

Texture in a refreshing cream-gel provides intense hydration for dehydrated skin thanks to the combination of sodium salt, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and a special moisturizing ingredients. And part of the funds Structuring (extract of sweet white lupine), activates the synthesis of hydrolysation, promoting long-lasting hydration. Moreover, this mask can be safely used at night instead of moisturizer. At least until then, until the skin will gain elasticity and softness.

Instead of a cap

On vacation many of us neglect the care of hair, letting the matter slide. Why return home not only with a chocolate tan, but the shock damaged and brittle hair. Fortunately, it is fixable. Today on the market there are many beauty products that help to restore the beauty of your curls. That beauty section of our website tested recently, special mention is mask cap from Skinlite is one of the latest revolutionary developments of Korean scientists in the field of care and treatment of the hair.

Из лета в зиму: как позаботиться о себе после новогодних каникул

Photo: materials of press-services

This is a two — step intensive complex for care for damaged hair, designed to restore the structure, increase volume and Shine. The complex includes: mask and hat with active serum, the interaction which increases the efficiency of each stage and has a powerful healing effect on roots and the hair structure.

The procedure is suitable for everyone, but if you recently dyed or Bandarawela hair, this mask you should try mandatory.

Like chocolate

It's so unfair: we spent a lot of time to acquire a great tan, but he is painfully little. To stay as long as possible with a hint of chocolate leather, after the arrival home the first thing you need... clean skin thoroughly. Use scrubs which moisturize in parallel, not to start to peel. A great option is "Caribbean cocktail" oil body scrub from GLORIA. This oil scrub perfectly cleanses the skin, moisturizing and nourishing it.

Из лета в зиму: как позаботиться о себе после новогодних каникул

Photo: materials of press-services

Aloe and mango give a fresh aroma and a long time retain moisture in the cells. Coconut oil nourishes with vitamins A and E and promotes the renewal. Has a light and delicate texture, after the application does not require additional moisturizing. And what a smell! One continuous delight.

Without the sun

To stay the same "chocolate", which you profit from the summer, help and self-tanning products. Fortunately, these tools of the latest generation lie evenly and look completely natural. Dry spray-tan gel from GARNIER and is called "tan".

Из лета в зиму: как позаботиться о себе после новогодних каникул

Photo: materials of press-services

Component natural bronzer gives the skin a natural and uniform color. Well, oil of apricot pits in the composition helps to moisturize the skin and prolong the tan.


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