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5 masks for Snow white

Winter is a time to lighten skin

There are some skin treatments that are better to do in the winter. For example, to lighten it while the sun is not enough and it is not active. Namely, to lighten pigment spots that occur on the face and hands of girls and women. After all it is always in one degree or another cosmetic defect. will tell you how to deal with them people's ways.

Method # 1

Lemon juice, first and most important tool. Preparing a salad with a citrus dressing? Marinated the meat in the juice? In no case do not throw away the leftovers, wipe the flesh of the skin — they will become light and soft. By the way, at the same time strengthen nails. Lemon juice can even remove age spots with a brush. And in the ratio of 1: 10 with boiled water, they can wipe the face.

5 масок для Белоснежки

Freeze the lemon and wipe your face dice льда

Method # 2

This is a purely Russian thing, because in Europe parsley few places to eat, but in vain. The stems have finely chopped, brewed with boiling water, and wipe with a decoction problem areas several times a day. The effect will not keep itself waiting.

5 масок для Белоснежки

This recipe was used by our бабушки

Method # 3

Well, what cosmetics did our grandmothers? Only the garden, in summer only. That we are now seeing cucumbers on the shelves in any given season, and sin not to use it. Three vegetable grater and apply as a mask for 20-25 minutes and after wash off. Cucumber not only reduces pigmentation, but also gives the skin silkiness and softness.

5 масок для Белоснежки

Cucumbers are available in any сезон

Method No. 4

But grapefruits are cheap now. This citrus has lots of vitamin C. But he is so aggressive that it is better to mix it with yogurt, so as not to burn the skin. And to effect whitening mask (medium fruit juice, three tablespoons of fermented milk product), you can add 15 drops of ammonia. After 15 minutes, the mask need to rinse.

5 масок для Белоснежки

This fruit has a wonderful свойствами

Method # 5

Again resort to kefir, which is well whitens the skin. They breed white and blue clay — it cleanses the face and dries the skin, which often cause pigmentation.

5 масок для Белоснежки

Yogurt is useful not only пить


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