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The eco-trends in Europe: organic and natural cosmetics displaces chemistry

The market of natural cosmetics in Europe hits record.

In Germany, where over the past 10 years, sales of natural and organic cosmetics has doubled in the first six months of 2017, the increase amounted to 2%. This is not the limit.

What is the reason? The trend in sustainability for many Europeans, became a way of life. People care about the environment, while improving the quality of life. This applies to transportation, food, clothing, and, of course, care for the body. The number of brands offering natural cosmetics, is one of the popular French producers Yves Rocher.

So, according to experts, in France to 2021 market of organic cosmetics will grow to 0.68 million (in 2017 0,41 billion) or 13%. Moreover, the authorities of France there is even a plan to increase the production of organic cosmetics.

Europeans prefer organic cosmetics, traditional chemical for several reasons:

  • security components of organic cosmetics health standard chemicals can cause harm, especially for sensitive skin;
  • the effectiveness of natural remedies to combat common beauty problems: the shortcomings of the skin, high fat, or dry skin, dandruff and brittle hair;
  • environmentally friendly: raw materials for natural cosmetics are also made without chemicals and pesticides, animal testing is not carried out.

People are attracted mainly the ability to use the goodness of nature without harming her, and for the benefit of his health. When choosing cosmetics in accordance with this concept, you should pay attention to the means containing not less than 90% of ingredients of natural origin that no silicones, dyes and parabens. In addition, all items including packaging, must be biodegradable.

The material was prepared under the information support of YvesRocher.


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