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Ah, the look: paint the eyes properly

Bought brand shadow, the lips, — and still something? We'll show you how to avoid common mistakes in makeup

The first and most important mistake under brown eyes brown shades. I admit, sometimes it looks nice, but few of us thought about the need to emphasize eye color and not merge into one. Pick your shade, starting from the back, thus highlighting his eyes. For brown suit the color of the evening waves of the sea, for blue — chocolate color, green — violet.

Second mistake – all at once. Hands, applied huge lashes, and smudge to my temples. What for? Fashion warm, lively look, not overloaded with tons of makeup.

Third mistake — paint and then curl. No! Tweezers for Curling before the mascara only to look to open, and eyelashes do not hurt.

Fourth mistake too much corrector and color it. If you suffer from dark circles, choose a concealer correctly. Blue circles under the eyes will hide the tool apricot color, yellow — purple or violet, and green — pink hue.

The fifth error — avoiding the use of so-called base under the shade. Even without her makeup clogged in the creases or fall off. Base, in turn, will moisturize the skin, prepare it and will help the shadow stick to the end of the day.


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