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To stay with the nose: everything you wanted to know about rhinoplasty

Plastic surgeon Stanislav Yekimov, included in the list of "Top plastic surgeons", especially for told all the details of one of the most popular plastic surgeries

Rhinoplasty involves surgical correction of the cartilaginous departments, bone structures and skin of the nose component. The old methods put the primary goal to improve the functional part, in particular, nasal breathing and aesthetic beauty of such operations played a secondary role.

Modern rhinoplasty methods are used not only to improve the respiratory function but also to change the appearance of the nose, for example, to correct its shape.

Distinguish between a closed rhinoplasty, the open rhinoplasty and non-surgical (injectable) rhinoplasty.

Closed rhinoplasty — minimally invasive method of adjusting the shape of the nose. The surgeon makes small incisions inside of the nasal cavity, and then sutured them. The exterior skin is unaffected. It is recommended to correct small defects, such as saddle deformity of the nose.

Main advantages: low probability of swelling, low invasiveness, minimal risk of complications.

Open rhinoplasty involves an incision in the columella region (cutaneous part of the nasal septum located between the nostrils), a width of about 5 mm., with the aim of complete visualization of the nasal skeleton, also in this area, cuts are made through which the cartilage separates from the skin. Next, the surgeon carries out the necessary manipulations. This method is required when severe bone deformations after mechanical impact, a side or upper curvature, if necessary, the use of transplants. Also, the method used in osteotomies.

Остаться с носом: все, что вы хотели знать о ринопластике

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic operative:

Currently, surgical intervention is widespread method of laser rhinoplasty – surgical correction of the nose shape, in which instead of a scalpel for tissue incision, a laser is used. Due to its use, the cut tissue is more gentle, with parallel cauterization of the vessels, eliminating the development of bleeding. For laser rhinoplasty used CO2 (carbon dioxide) laser which meets all the necessary requirements of the procedure.

The properties of the laser, which is used to cut tissue of the nose, attach the key features of laser rhinoplasty, which include:

- quick dissection of tissues with maximum accuracy;

- softening of cartilage due to a local temperature increase in the affected area, allowing more subtly to correct its shape;

- the absence of significant bleeding after the cut, due to the cauterizing effect of laser on blood vessels;

is the best subsequent tissue regeneration compared to cuts with a scalpel; the smaller the intensity of the postoperative edema.

With the main stage of the process of laser rhinoplasty, distinguish its two kinds:

Open rhinoplasty is laser — using a laser beam is performed the dissection of tissues (open access), modelling the soft parts or cartilage structures of the nose.

Surface treatments — they are referred to laser closed rhinoplasty, where incisions are made and only the evaporation of the surface layers for the correction of small changes of the tissues of the nose.

The choice of procedure, laser rhinoplasty carried out by the plastic surgeon depending on the degree of correction of the shape or size of the nose, the patient's General condition and the state of its tissues.

There is also a non-surgical (injectable) rhinoplasty is the most modern and safe way to improve your appearance through rhinoplasty contour. Beautician uses injectable fillers gel or liquid preparations on the basis of hyaluronate. Substance fills the necessary cavity and corrects imperfections in the shape of the back, tip, nostrils, or any irregularities. The disadvantage of this method is that due to the properties of the substance, it is recommended to apply it once in 1-2 years. But you need to clearly understand that significant deficiencies or functional problems (for example, if a deviated septum) by injection, such drugs are impossible to eliminate.


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