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5 life hacks eye makeup

The drop allows you to quickly create a bold look

Tip # 1

To draw beautiful arrows easily. If you have at hand was not eyeliner, just sharpen the classic pencil and heat the tip with a match or lighter. This trick will allow you to achieve soft texture.

5 лайфхаков макияжа глаз

The liner will replace карандаш

Tip # 2

Another way to draw eyes — draw an arrow at the beginning of the makeup application. And then just wipe the eyelid corner wipes, you get clean line.

5 лайфхаков макияжа глаз

Restului line is эффектно

Tip # 3

If you use Celeron for lashes, paint mascara on the base of the tool with a pencil or eyeliner, and it itself will colonize the roots of your eyelashes when you curl them. This life hack will save your time.

5 лайфхаков макияжа глаз

Special devices facilitate жизнь

Tip # 4

To get gorgeous, long and voluminous lashes don't have to run to the salon to develop them. Just between layers of mascara lightly powder your hair.

5 лайфхаков макияжа глаз

Powder your ресницы

Tip # 5

Be sure to carry in her purse drops to the eye. They not only help to hide the consequences of a stormy night, but also get rid of redness on the skin and small pimples.

5 лайфхаков макияжа глаз

Carry капли


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