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Suffering a skin of the residents of big cities and what to do with it

The women of the big cities have to choose special care, can minimize age-related changes, but also harm the environment

The skin of the inhabitants of megacities prone to irritation and allergies, spots and rashes. The fact that the air in big cities is full of dust, exhaust, smoke and dirt. These harmful substances are deposited on the face, the skin becomes dull. To minimize harm, should start to pick up makeup with antioxidants and vitamins. About other recommendations, read our material.

Our skin reacts to unhealthy environment primarily by loss of moisture. Because of this disturbed metabolism and regenerative function of the skin dry and scaly. Solve the problem good moisturizer.

And, of course, is to spend more time outside the city in the fresh air: active movement improves microcirculation, and itself acquires a healthy glow.

In addition, in urban air has very little oxygen. Of course, our skin lacks it. To verify this, just look at the faces of the residents of cities — almost all quite pale in appearance. We're shorting yourself yourself of oxygen, when the output preferred a sofa with a TV, a walk in the Park. Cosmetics containing kislorodozawisimae ingredients that can give the skin a nice color, but to make the cheeks pink for a long time will not work, if you spend time in four walls.

Sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, automobile exhaust, cigarette smoke, lead, mercury list of contaminants in urban air can continue indefinitely. Settling on the face, they react with the lipid film and penetrate much deeper than we would like. Harmful substances not only harm the cells, triggering the active aging process, and in addition make the skin reactive, prone to redness and OTE-Kam. So the girls are prone to allergies, it is recommended creams and stress control. Note the European brand "organic": they have hypoallergenic means with extracts of plants grown in very clean conditions, on the plantations with strict control of pesticide use.

Как страдает кожа жительниц мегаполисов и что с этим делать

Female residents of Metropolitan areas live in a crazy rhythm that is not reflected on vneshnostyu:

Vitamin charge

As the body, the face in the spring does not have enough vitamins. Sorry, but to lean on fruits and vegetables is not enough, because after the winter, little has been preserved. Just drink a multivitamin doesn't make sense either. Delivery of nutrients through the blood, and the skin gets them after all the other organs. Experts advise to include in care creams and serums with vitamins A, C and E. In such cosmetics are subject to special transport molecules that "drags" vitamins through the layers of the epidermis. It should be used as a nutritional Supplement, regular courses, since the vitamins in the skin do not accumulate. Let's deal separately with each.

Vitamin a (retinol) starts the upgrade process and accelerates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, making the old cells are replaced by new faster. In the end, wrinkles are smoothed and the complexion becomes smoother. That is why it is often added to anti-aging cosmetics and products for treatment of acne. If such problems you have no funds with retinol you can do. Also keep in mind that natural side effect of an action-Packed updates — the skin of my face. Fortunately, this process is temporary, then the skin will again become smooth and soft.

The best remedy for the face with vitamin a: Serum or night cream. Products with retinol should be applied at night because it increases sensitivity to the sun. But before applying you should not use moisturizing lotions: they will weaken the effect of vitamin. Do not forget about sun protection. The highest solar activity we have not in the summer, and in the spring, so use sun cream from March to September. If you have a tendency to form age spots, or even all year round.

Vitamin E is indispensable in the fight against aging. It supports the water-lipid balance, nourishes and due to this wrinkles. Funds from them will quickly deal with any damage to the skin because they activate the processes of regeneration, so they'll remove the peeling from the cosmetic with retinol: for example, you can first use a serum with vitamin a and apply moisturizer with vitamin E. Vitamin E naturally present in the skin, however its reserves are depleted with age and must be regularly replenished. The cosmetics suit them and the owners of young skin prone to dryness and sensitivity: it quickly restores the hydrolipidic film.

The best remedy for the face with vitamin E: Like vitamin a, it is fat soluble, so it is often added to thick creams and masks, which are ideal as night means. Day such products will, of course, brute force.

Vitamin C provides antioxidant protection and inhibits melanin production, thereby lightening age spots. He is not independently produced, and must always come from the outside. In this case the lack of it, our skin suffers in the first place, as to protect the body borrows it first from the epidermis. That's just ascorbic acid is very capricious. Scientists for decades have puzzled over how best to stabilize it, because when in contact with light and heat it is very quickly destroyed.

The best remedy with vitamin C: It can be cream, serum and mask. Importantly, ascorbic acid was more stable.

Как страдает кожа жительниц мегаполисов и что с этим делать

Stress causes an increased production of certain hormones that cause the adrenal cortex to produce more male hormonesfor:

The stress of the day

Stressful situations at work, traffic jams, relationship problems — all of this in the us tension. Stress causes an increased production of certain hormones, particularly cortisol, adrenaline and nor-adrenaline. They force the adrenal glands produce more male hormones, and this, in turn, leads to increased secretion of sebum. So unfortunately, if you have a tendency to the lesions after stress, all external measures are useless until you fix the root cause — the stress. Recommendations here the is simple — playing sports, Hiking in the fresh air, regular meditation, adherence of the day. Keep in your diet was present more products with vitamin D, which improves skin condition, is cottage cheese, cheese, seafood and cod liver oil.

Don't forget about the importance of sleep. During the day the skin fights the negative external factors, cells must be updated. It is not surprising that the first person reacts to lack of sleep — the skin immediately becomes dry and atonic, wrinkles appear. The key to her recovery — intense hydration (masks and creams with hyaluronic acid or polysaccharides of algae). From lack of sleep you have dark circles or puffiness? Put in a bag and drain southwestfinancialsee funds with cornflower, chamomile and Ginkgo biloba. There are good homemade recipes. If after a sleepless night you are not happy with the reflection in the mirror, brew strong green tea, pour it into a bottle of spray and place in the fridge, and then spray liberally on the face, neck and décolleté. Cold tea soak two cotton pad and put five minutes on the eyes. From the cold constricts the lymphatic vessels and swelling quickly.

Как страдает кожа жительниц мегаполисов и что с этим делать

Due to the fast pace of life and busy schedule in the body accumulates a lot of taxiroute:

My to holes

You can hold a special detox program. Due to the fast pace of life and busy schedule in the body accumulates many toxins. Periodically these substances is "expelled". For steam treatments and massages. Detoxification is a deliverance not only from dust and dirt, but also from components of interstitial fluid, which interfere with normal metabolism. Detox can be enjoyed in the cabin: first on the face is a special ionized composition, then with the help of micro-all the "garbage" out of the skin like a magnet. Three or four procedures — and the face glows with health. But I can get the detox at home. To do this, buy a special cream with antioxidants in high concentrations or components that stimulate the production of antioxidants (as are extracts of watercress and red grapes), as well as soothing ingredients. Used like the regular courses, most often at night.

Anyway in a big city one should be very careful approach to the issue of cleansing the face. If neglected however, a large number of technical dust that falls on the skin, can lead to reduced immunity, cause allergic reactions or acne.

Women with any skin type, living in a big city, a couple of times a week is deep clean your skin with scrubs, or acid peels. Daily cleanser, use cleansing milk, gel or foam depending on the needs of the person. Also mandatory in the ritual of cleansing is a lotion or toner that neutralizes the tap water remains on the surface of the face and serves as a guide for future cosmetic products. Instead of tonic, you can apply home remedies. Moisten a cotton pad with unboiled milk and wipe on the skin and in fifteen minutes wash with cool water.

Observing these simple recommendations, even in the city you'll hit all radiant complexion.


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