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Beauty sleep: the best beauty remedies that work overnight

Long known that healthy sleep — a pledge of beauty and health. And if you choose the right night cream or mask, the result is truly phenomenal


Сон красоты: лучшие бьюти-средства, которые работают ночью

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Olive oil was used in cosmetology since ancient times. And only relatively recently did scientists finally discovered the secret oil oliva: it turns out the fats in its composition according to its chemical structure are very similar to substances released to the human sebum. Thanks to this oil easily penetrates into the smallest pores, improving skin condition.

But to use in the beauty that olive oil, which "lives" you have in the kitchen is still bad. Moreover, cosmetics manufacturers have created for us beauty means, which in the right proportions are the most useful ingredients. For example, all products of the series "Olive complex" brand ERBARIO TOSCANO contains Organic Tuscan Extra-Virgin Olive Oil, which intensely nourishes and regenerates the skin, ideal for treating dryness and flaking; makes the skin soft and velvety. And the line for face care contain OLEA-TECH the exclusive multifunction complex 100% active molecules derived from the olive tree, which makes the skin more elastic, improves cell regeneration, gives Shine.

This mask can be used two ways: to write for 10 minutes on a well cleaned skin of face, neck and decollete, and then rinse thoroughly with water. Either leave on all night — in this case, you will receive more intensive care. That is exactly what you need!

Night cream and mask SLOW AGE from VICHY

Сон красоты: лучшие бьюти-средства, которые работают ночью

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Get ready because this cream will amaze you from the first seconds of acquaintance. First, he is suddenly brown, as if reminiscent of pharmaceutical recipes of the past. The aroma of the mask to match: something herbal, with a slight "medicinal" notes.

Apply the product to about an hour before bedtime. We in the beauty Department empirically came to the conclusion that just before sleep is to remove excess cream and go to sleep. The next morning — here is another pleasant surprise! in the mirror you'll see a very attractive lady: if wrinkles are smoothed and the skin looks hydrated and fresh. Those special effects should be grateful to the innovative formula of a novelty: for the first time combined resveratrol, known for its ability to saturate the cells with oxygen, and the antioxidant Baicalin, contributing to neutralize the effects of oxidation processes in the skin that occur throughout the day due to the impact of environmental factors.

Anti-aging pillow Beauty Sleep

Сон красоты: лучшие бьюти-средства, которые работают ночью

Photo: materials of press-services

Any beautician will tell you that to reduce wrinkles will help choosing the right pillow. Like for example Beauty Sleep. This pillow is specially designed to Wake up in the morning refreshed, without swelling, and new creases on the skin. This was made possible thanks to a special anatomical form. A special neck support cushion provides a physiological position of the spine and neck during sleep, which in turn helps improve blood and lymph circulation and gives a fresh complexion. The side pillows are recesses for sleeping on the side — so you can forget about the skin creases and wrinkles. If you sleep on your back, head resting in a specially recessed area that extends the sleep and improves its quality.

Separately to say about the material from which made pillow. It is a modern Memory Foam that is able to adapt to the shape of the face and neck under the weight and body temperature.

A survey by the brand research, 92% of women said that they did not want to go back to my old pillow. Among them now appears and beauty Department at full strength!


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