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The lips of beauty: how to add lip volume by injection and without talks about the secrets of "sexual mouth"

Tease them with the fish Nemo. Celebrity, "pumped up" lips to comical sizes, ultimately had the injections a disservice. Although actually, if you multiply the adequacy of the client on the professionalism of the doctor, can turn out very aesthetically pleasing.

In the universal worship of puffy lips is nothing new. It has always existed, and is part of what sexual mouth owe their career took off Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot.

Scientists have discovered the relationship between the volume of the lips and female attractiveness. However, it interferes with another factor. Today it is fashionable to be young. Not so much fashionable, how many it is vital to stay afloat in the office, where on the heels of an ambitious lapwing, and on the personal front. Plump lips — a symbol of youth, whereas thinning is a sign of decay. And rightly so.

Уста красавицы: как добавить губам объем — с помощью инъекций и без

Plump lips are associated with molodostyu:

Prick and forget

Of course, for structures of manipulation by the lips — very tasty morsel. Used to be a popular collagen injection, late — hyaluronic acid preparations. The procedure takes only twenty to thirty minutes. The doctor makes a local anesthetic and then "pierces" the lips with a thin needle. Slight edema (reaction to pain) in most cases takes one to two hours. But you have to be prepared for the fact that the result will last a relatively short time — a few months.

The relative fragility of the effect of plump lips has, however, its advantages. In the end, if you are not satisfied with the result, comfort themselves with the fact that hyaluronic acid will soon dissolve. Well, if you see yourself in the mirror absolutely intolerable, contact the doctor he will be able to remove the drug, stimulate the exchange of substances with the use of microcurrents, ultrasound or light prescribing hormone therapy.

Unlike collagen, hyaluronic medications are good that do not require a pre-test for allergies.

Уста красавицы: как добавить губам объем — с помощью инъекций и без

Visually the lips can be increased, causing the contour, slightly fuller natural, pencil color, pomaretto:

With pepper

I'm afraid of syringe and scalpel? Then your destiny — means of encouraging blood circulation. They usually contain cinnamon, ginger, peppermint and caffeine. Warning: this will sting, but the effect is visible immediately and will last for several hours.

Finally, there are is gentle option — the so-called Lip Boosters — creams for the lips that tell cells to produce more collagen and help to retain moisture in the skin. To increase (though insignificant), they need to apply at least a month. Moreover, it is desirable to accompany the application of massage. Even the most famous makeup artists suggest daily massage your lips with vaseline and a child's toothbrush.

And makeup artists know the secrets of proper makeup for thin lips. It's simple: take the pencil just in the tone of lipstick and draw a new contour, a little bulkier natural. Use lighter shades of lipstick and don't forget to put glitter on the center of the lower lip.


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