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Katya LEL, "Even when weighed 46 pounds, it seemed to me that I'm fat"

The singer on stage for more than twenty years, but during this time, she almost did not change: still slim and full of energy. However, as she admits, for any beauty a lot of work

The process of losing weight requires understanding and patience. Here sometimes people think: how is it — R-time — and it was beautiful. But miracles do not happen. Of course, life is impossible to sit on diets, but from time to time have to pay a lot of attention and time to be always in form. It's a process, starting from food calories (no more than 1200 per day) and ending the sessions with a fitness trainer.

When I was preparing for the filming of the clip "Marmalade" and concert program "Jaga-Jaga" the producer Max Fadeev said that I'm fat, although it weighed only 52 pounds. And should I was become dry, with rippling muscles and weigh 46 pounds. So I had a few months to come in this form, which I did. I worked with the then two-time world champion fitness Natalia Pronina, then it became fourfold. I had every day a colossal exercise with dumbbells, ran for an hour. In General, to wear. I, of course, in my dreams I dream dumplings cakes. Besides that I basically wanted a sweet, I was constantly hungry, I didn't have the strength. To the extent that my brain does not think, his legs gave way from weakness. And when I went out with her 46 pounds on stage in the concert program as a Sparrow, I still felt that I was fat. Now I look at those pictures and not know who is behind a boy or a girl? (Laughs.) In General, the result was achieved, but now I'm not going to go for such experiments. I think that should be the measure. Especially when we are talking about health, about appearance.

I bought sports nutrition. It is very convenient. Traveling in the car — eat, fast healthy and ready to work and defense. Menu, chicken breast boiled, porridge on the water, buckwheat or oatmeal, boiled egg, lots of water, a large number of green tea. Of course, removed from the diet all flour, sweet, fizzy drinks. That is, proper nutrition is steamed or boiled. Should be plenty of vegetables and some fruit.

It is impossible to deny. You just need to know the measure. If I didn't know the steps and when saw the cake, it was impossible not to try, now can afford to refuse it. I experts say that if you really really want, well, try a piece. You just know that it will work out in the gym. And yet... Every portion, which comes before you, try to bisect. This will avoid large meals and overeating.

Катя Лель: «Даже когда весила 46 килограммов, мне казалось, что я толстая»

Katya LEL with her husband Igor Kuznetsov and daughter, Humiliate:

I have four years doing yoga. On tour I always bring a Mat. Used to go to different group classes, but somehow not impressive. And by chance I got as part of the shoot for the magazine to one very well-known instructor, and eventually was delayed. I am very pleased with individual lessons and breathing of Hatha yoga, which calms me. There I find harmony and balance that is required in my profession, where eternal chaos, flights, lack of sleep, where all life planned down to the second. Load enormous. You move on stage, sing live, and the body in shock. I, frankly, don't understand how people who don't exercise and yoga, stand it?

We are a sporting family. My husband is a former athlete at the high jump. So he has been at home with dumbbells, in the gym with me walks, and swims, and supports me in the classroom: here you can, well done! And daughter does swimming and tennis.

To plastic surgeons did not go far. But when the time comes, maybe come up with some pill: they ate it — and you're young. (Smiles.) As for cosmetologists, while it tasted light body techniques in the salon. High vitamins for the face. Hasbinding have been doing gymnastics for the face. And this is a very good thing. I try to make time every day. About now popular hylauronic't heard anything good. The shots make all the same type of puppet. And face swollen from them, I think it's not very good. And fillers and Botox is very dangerous. It's all chemicals, poisons.

Caviar of eggplant

Ingredients: eggplant — 500 g, onions — 400 g, tomatoes — 500 g
carrots — 200 g pepper — 500 g, garlic — 1 clove, salt and black pepper to taste.

Method of preparation: all vegetables washed, onion, garlic and carrot peel. Eggplant pre-cut into cubes and put in a bowl of water for 30 minutes to left bitterness. Carrots grate on medium grater. Vegetables cut into cubes. In a hot frying pan pour vegetable oil. Eggplant sauté for seven minutes, transfer to a deep pot, then sauté for a few minutes onion, carrot, sweet pepper, tomatoes to give the stew in its own juice for ten minutes. Then need to put the tomatoes in the pan with all the fried vegetables, add salt to taste and black pepper. Put the saucepan on the stove on low heat and simmer for 30-40 minutes until fully cooked. Just before serving you can add garlic. Bon appetit!

Hair mask

Burdock oil to heat up to a nice warm temperature, apply to hair, wrap with towel and keep for half an hour. Important: you need to do a course of 5-7 times. Apply once or twice a week. Checked By Katya LEL.


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