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5 products needed for healthy teeth

Not everything is useful, that in the mouth climbed — training for the oral


Crackle with pleasure. If you prefer mild food, your fast food, your teeth weaken over time. You deprive them of a natural massage, and exercise, and this can cause the sensitivity of the enamel.

5 продуктов необходимых для здоровья зубов

Training + каротин

Carrots are a good exercise equipment for your jaw. Carotene, which is contained in this root vegetable is useful for the mouth and gums. It will strengthen tooth enamel. Nibbling the vegetables, you remove plaque from the teeth and massage your gums.


This fruit, along with carrots, is one of the most effective products for the prevention of dental problems. Forbidden fruit massages, cleans and freshens breath.

5 продуктов необходимых для здоровья зубов

In Apple peel lot полезного


Of course, the teeth need calcium, but the phosphorus they need. Eat fish is one of the products necessary to maintain health of the oral cavity.

5 продуктов необходимых для здоровья зубов

Fish and rice - to the East know a lot about еде


Don't disregard the fruit. It contains maximum amount of vitamin C, the lack of which in the body reduces the production of collagen and gums start to bleed.

5 продуктов необходимых для здоровья зубов

Kiwi - vitamin удар


What ate the sailors of the nineteenth century, and travelers before them, fleeing from scurvy? Right, onions. Smells tasteless, but it helps 100%. This natural antibiotic kills harmful bacteria in the mouth.

5 продуктов необходимых для здоровья зубов

Not good, but полезно


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