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Like water tap spoil our skin and what to do with it — important rules of skin care,

"Don't drink from the tap!" — remember, warned us in childhood, asked to be sure to boil the water before pouring it into the glass? Now in homes and offices are filters or coolers, which allow you to quench your thirst without fearing for their health. But the water still adversely affects the condition of the skin. We do not boil and not filtered before wash hands, utensils, or floor.

Tap water is not just H2O, its formula includes other chemical elements. Small quantities of some compounds even required by the body. But in high concentrations they have varying degrees impair skin structure.

Analyze the water composition in order to understand what weakens the protective shell of our body.

Как вода из-под крана портит нашу кожу и что с этим делать

“Don't drink from the tap!”Photo:


The water contains ions of calcium and magnesium, which directly affect the level of stiffness. The higher the score — the thicker layer of limescale on the kettle and precipitation in the pipes, washing machine.

Hard water damages the hair, they fade and become brittle. And also spoils the skin appears dry, peeling, constant feeling of tightness. Ignore these symptoms, they indicate problems that may lead to eczema or atopic dermatitis.


On the pH of the water affects the amount of the contained hydrogen ions (H) and hydroxyl radicals (OH). If the fluid has more hydrogen, the medium becomes alkaline, dominated by the OH — acid. Highly alkaline water can cause dryness of the epidermis, strongly — irritation of skin and mucous membranes. The perfect environment for the skin — slightly acid or neutral. In this case, the acid-alkaline balance of the water close to the pH of human skin.

Other inorganic elements

In different quantities in water also contains copper, Nickel, zinc, iron, lead. A large concentration of these substances provokes skin problems until the development of serious dermatological diseases.

Impurities chlorine

Chlorine is used by treatment plants as the cheapest and effective tool in the fight against various microorganisms (kills harmful and useful). With the bacteria he is doing fine, but also easily enter a reaction with other elements. The result is a connection far more dangerous than chlorine itself. Some of them are carcinogenic and can cause skin cancer.

Как вода из-под крана портит нашу кожу и что с этим делать

Tap water a lot of chemical primesuite:

Skin protection

Less contact with water — wash, wash, wash — will not for everyone. But each of us is able to protect your skin from the inside and outside.

The first rule is: strengthen immunity. Problems and the disease progresses particularly rapidly when the human body is most vulnerable. Eat more vitamins, not nervous and sleep, to allow your body to cope with the surrounding harmful factors.

Rule two: drink more water (clean, potable) to prevent dehydration of the skin and the whole organism.

Rule three: protect the skin during water contact. Special cream barrier will help to strengthen the natural protective function of the skin and protect it from external irritants. It is important to put the means before and not after contact with water, as is the case with the usual hand cream. The cream creates a barrier that prevents skin contact with hazardous substances.

Watch for water quality control and protection of the skin. This will help to avoid the serious dermatological diseases and keep your health. Remember that the disease is much easier to prevent than to cure.


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