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The sea is calling: 10 important questions to care for themselves in the summer

The expert in beauty Yana laputina said how to prepare for vacation

1. What procedures you should do before you leave?
— I would recommend to do the cleaning for 5-7 days prior to departure biorevitalization or cellular rejuvenation, so as at sea, the skin will be exposed to solar radiation, exposure to salt water and, consequently, lose moisture, so it needs to nourish in advance.

2. How to continue to care for themselves at sea?
— If you are prone to hyperpigmentation or you have scars or abrasions, they need to be protected sun means at least 50. Plus I would recommend using a night mask that you apply in the evening and wash off in the morning. They are perfectly moisturize the skin. All would do well to wash after you swim in the sea — salt water does not dry skin.

3. Whether sea water revitalizes skin?
— Seawater is really a skin heals, but there are cases when people have very serious allergic reaction to this high level of salt. Although personally I am deeply convinced that being on the sea, as often as necessary to moisturize the skin with sea water — the skin becomes qualitatively different.

Море зовет: 10 важных вопросов по уходу за собой в летний период

Ian Lutimate: materials of press-services
4. How to prepare the skin to tan and not burn in the sun?
— On arrival at the resort funds should be with a level of protection spf 30 or 50, then you can leave 20 or 15.

5. Is it true that sunscreen for the face is different from the sunscreen for the body?
Cream for face and body differ in texture, and saturation. The facial skin is more sensitive, thin. You need to protect, on the one hand, stronger, with another — should not be film. Once, you can use the body cream using for the face, but the system I would recommend to divide the zones indicated on the bottle.

6. What kind of wax to use?

- If you choose to wax, then in 2-3 days, but the IPL before the holiday to do.

Море зовет: 10 важных вопросов по уходу за собой в летний период

The skin needs to be prepared for the sun and morephoto:

7. How to love yourself, if you do not have time to lose weight?
— It is possible to lose weight in the summer! And to love you always no matter you are fat or skinny. You need to lose weight not to fly, but to sustain ourselves year-round, after all, dropped pounds quickly come back. If you regularly eat right, then the question of how to lose weight, you will not have. Need to eat correctly systematically, not episodically.

8. What to put in the suitcase, going to the sea?
— Everything depends on you, but just a minimal set of kits. Also sunscreen, after-sun, shampoo for scalp and the hair structure after the sea.

9. What is your holiday must-have?
— Sunscreen and moisturizer, as well as the lack of wi-fi.

10. Some body treatments should be done immediately upon arrival from vacation?
— When you just flew in from the sea, to do anything at all, you do not need to enjoy the sun. And after all this time — go moisturizing treatment that dried by the sun and the water skin to enrich, satiate and make it even more attractive.


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