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Spotless reputation: how to deal with age spots

Age spots — the same indicator of problems in the body as falling hair, only much more insidious: if spots appeared, to get rid of them once and for all impossible. Much better educated, doctors say, try to avoid them. tells about the rules

From what are formed dark spots?

The reasons for the mass. In the Wake of General hysteria about the damage UV rays are often mentioned prolonged sunbathing. But if it were so simple! Alas, you can, figuratively speaking, to live in the basement, but to take birth control pills and make the pigmentation. Or to drink a course of antibiotics (particularly insidious in this sense, the tetracycline drugs). Or to experience severe stress. Or suffer from worms (Yes, the parasites make themselves known dark spots around the mouth).

Among other possible causes — pregnancy and all the hormonal disturbance, the abuse of some cosmetic procedures or wrong their conduct, diseases of internal organs such as the gastrointestinal tract, increased radiation, and even vitamin B12 deficiency.

There is different spots?

A lot of them, ranging from freckles and moles (usually caused by genetic factors) to spots with indigestible names like chloasma, lentigines, vitiligo (devoid of any pigment), and even the vagus nevus (naevus this is a vile habit to change the location). It is unlikely that a person without special education will be able to conduct an independent diagnosis. But an experienced doctor will be able to determine the type of stains by his appearance or, if necessary, to use deeper methods of research. To know what stain you are concerned, it is necessary to determine the mechanism of treatment.

Depends on whether the pigmentation from age?

Незапятнанная репутация: как правильно бороться с пигментными пятнами

Pigmentation spots become more visible with vozrastaet:

Not really. Sometimes young girls hyperpigmentation occurs after correction of acne. But in General, pigment spots become more noticeable with age. Part of the reason is that with age our skin loses the cells responsible for pigmentation of the skin becomes thinner and lighter, and on this background, the spots more visible.

There is another explanation for the age factor. With a higher immune status of the skin itself perfectly resisting aggression and evenly distributes pigment. But since the thirty years weakens all body systems, including immune defense of the skin. Therefore, in the case of the solar attack our cells-the defenders, named after the scientist who discovered them Langthasa, are increasingly "hiding your head in the sand" like ostriches, that is, moved deep into the skin, to the basal membrane. The epidermis is unarmed against UV rays.

Women with any skin type are most prone to age spots?
Oddly enough, ladies with darker skin. The reason is simple: by itself, the melanin is response of the skin to radiation and darker skin produces it active. And then, in the case of failures in the body, there is a redistribution of melanin, and there are spots. Women with fair skin the spots generally appear less frequently. There is another version. So, dermatologists have found that pigmentation is more prone to people with III or IV skin types. The owners of the third type of skin are quite high in fat not only in the T-zone but on my cheeks, wrinkles appear less, but there is a tendency to acne. And the skin of the fourth type of dense and thick, oily on the whole face, prone to acne and inflammation. It is easy and quick tans or becomes hyperpigmentation. On very light or very dark skin pigment spots usually do not appear.

Do effective folk remedies?

Still, many women desperately harass the stains with lemon juice or cucumber. Experts believe that in folk remedies, tested even by our grandmothers, of course, there is a benefit. But with reservations: I agree, over the last decade the climate has changed: the sun became "angrier", the ozone layer is thinner. Plus changed the geography of leisure: earlier accomplishment of the tourist Crimea was, today, going to Africa, Asia, and rarely think about the fact whether the skin type to make such trips. Given this, in the modern depigmenting means be sure to add antioxidants — substances that resist aggressive environmental factors. No lemon or cucumber these properties do not have.

What is more effective — homemade cosmetics or a salon?

Of course, treatments like peeling, photodegradation, laser dermabrasion, remove stains more efficiently. But, first, these procedures are traumatic, and second, there is no guarantee that spots will not appear again. It is impossible after a lifetime to do glycolic peels. As maintenance therapy depigmenting home remedies operate perfectly. But excessive independence is misplaced. Before buying something, it is better to consult a specialist.

Незапятнанная репутация: как правильно бороться с пигментными пятнами

The best prevention of age spots - protection from sonzapote:

Is it possible to whiten skin during pregnancy?

In principle, undesirable. In preparations for home use often add mercury — ten percent early today, usually three percent, but also unsafe for the fetus. Try to disguise spots of tonal resources.

Is it possible to say goodbye to age spots?

Even if the treatment gave excellent results, no conscientious doctor will not give you a guarantee that the spots in contact with the sun will not arise again. Beware of the talkative experts!

What cabin method of combating spots on today's most effective?

Several of them, but just be warned: such procedure is a double — edged sword. On the one hand, and chemical peels, and laser skin resurfacing effectively fight spots. On the other hand, they remove the top layer of cells, the young thin, the skin loses the natural protection from the sun, and the probability of occurrence of new spots. Therefore, it is important to follow all the rules of polugoda — do not expose your skin to rays of, to use special means. Therefore, the most important thing in the choice of treatment is not to run after fashion, not to do the procedure unless you have already tried your girlfriend. Find a doctor you trust, listen carefully to the benefits of either method, depending on the characteristics of your skin together develop a treatment strategy.

Methods of dealing with pigment pathname


One of the most effective and safe procedures, if we are talking about the spots on the sun. Is performed in the same apparatus that photoepilation and photorejuvenation, but the lamp and the wavelength of the other. On the skin effect of high-frequency pulse of light that destroys the pigment. The device has a built-in cooling system to eliminate the possibility of burns. You need to make 3-4 procedures with an interval in three weeks.

Contraindications: pregnancy, diabetes, cancer, sunburn.


A method of combining photodestruction and mesotherapy. The skin applied to mesotherapeutic cocktail and covered with sapphire glass to protect from injury. Then the glass light stimuli, through which a therapeutic cocktail penetrates deep into the skin. Before the procedure it is recommended to do glycolic peels. Sustainable the result will again appear after a few treatments.

Contraindications: the same as in the photodegradation.

Незапятнанная репутация: как правильно бороться с пигментными пятнами

Women with dark skin more susceptible to pigmentation, patapata:

Laser dermabrasion

Not to be confused with mechanical dermabrasion, which today is hopelessly outdated (which, incidentally, does not prevent many Metropolitan hospitals actively promote). In mechanical procedure, the top layers of the skin zashlifovyvayutsya with the disk. And, alas, sometimes unevenly. Laser is far more sparing in the first place because that penetrates to a controlled depth, measured in microns, and "cuts off" the excess. The laser beam vaporizes thin layers of skin (thickness about a sheet of paper), carefully smoothes the surface, stimulates cell activity and the synthesis of collagen and elastin. But still after this procedure, not be able to instantly enter the rhythm of life: within two weeks for the skin to apply a special structure, and limitations in the application of makeup are removed only after three weeks.

Contraindications: inflammation on the skin, sunburn.

Chemical peels

With a shallow, "young" spots not bad fights superficial peels — it exfoliates the upper layers of the epidermis. Spots require deeper peeling median, and the recovery period with it longer — 5-7 days. After surface treatment slight burning sensation, swelling, redness, and here the median is fraught with first swelling, and then don't worry-scab all over your face, which increases smooth skin.

Contraindications: summer, inflammation, lesions, increased individual sensitivity to the components of peeling.

What are the ways to prevent age spots?

Avoid excessive sun exposure on the skin, be sure to use protective filters, to adhere to proper skin care (cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing), and also not to expose your skin to excessive irritation and testing.


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