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Revolutionary beauty innovations that really work have collected the best premium products for skin

Anti-age the development of the DIAMOND COLLECTION from ENHEL BEAUTY

Революционные бьюти-новинки, которые реально работают

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The fact that the Japanese continue to lead to lead in the cosmetic industry, already an axiom. But the novelty, which this spring introduced the brand ENHEL BEAUTY that stands out even against the backdrop of Japanese products. Legendary Japanese doctor Akiyama San has been for many years engaged in research and development in the field of innovative anti-age technologies, and that he managed to create a true anti-aging "diamond" — the unique formula of fullerene in the highest concentration, who won the Nobel prize due to its unrivalled ability to deliver nutrients into the deeper layers of the skin and significantly slow the aging process. In combination with nanocolloidal platinum and caffeine it improves skin tone, improves lymphatic drainage and promote active regeneration of skin cells. Ceramides provide a complete hydration and restore the lipid layer of the skin, preventing its dehydration. The youthfulness of the skin is restored at the cellular level, improves microcirculation and metabolic processes within cells.

The line includes six medium — exfoliant face gel cleansing and make-up removing cleansing mousse-cleanser, firming serum for face, anti-aging cream and facial wrinkle cream around the eyes. To single out one thing absolutely impossible, so I suggest testing all means at once.

New anti-aging line Lift-Structure from Filorga

Революционные бьюти-новинки, которые реально работают

For three years specialists of the laboratory Filorga worked on the new unique formula of active complex Lifting Plasmatic Factors (plasma-lifting factors). The result is impressive: in just seven days of use is clearly noticeable as the skin becomes more elastic, and wrinkles are smoothed. A month later, the manufacturer promises that effect and it will be as if you threw down visually for a few years. Beauty Department while in the beginning of the experiment, but already impressed with the results. Therefore, I believe that regular use of the new line replaces cosmetic procedures such as PRP and injections of collagen and hyaluronic acid (biorevitalization).

So, in the new collection — three tools. Serum LIFT-DESIGNER from Filorga enriched Plasmatic Lifting Factors, has an amazing smooth texture, which gives the effect of smartness. For this we must thank the active ingredients of plant origin in its composition, and cooling the roller applicator. Natural radiant lifting effect without feeling.

In the day LIFT cream-Filorga STRUCTURE from the Lifting action of the Plasmatic Factors is enhanced by the stimulating active ingredients of plant origin, which increase the production of collagen and elastin. All these advantages are complemented by a luxurious texture that gives your skin beauty and comfort.

And night cream SLEEP & LIFT from Filorga in addition to ingredient Lifting Plasmatic Factors contains two rejuvenating amino acids, which seal the skin and gives clarity face during the night. The cream has a gentle enveloping texture, to apply it was extremely pleasant. The effect of tightening and improving the structure of the face night after night!

Soft herbal Herbal foam cleanser Gentle Cleansing Foam from Kypwell

Революционные бьюти-новинки, которые реально работают

Interest in organic cosmetics, the main beauty trend of recent years. But this premium brand hails from Sunny Cyprus stands out even against their fellow competitors. All cosmetics Kypwell on average contains over 30 active ingredients in one product, and herbs and plants for its production are grown in Cyprus in certified organic fields at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level is not only the best indicator for the cultivation of herbs, but also the best height for human life.

New brand soft herbal foam cleanser is a unique daily cleanser for the face. It contains fitosporin of shikakai beans, figs and baby's breath — for antibacterial protection, fitopreparaty and flavonoids of plants that have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. The foam is enriched with herbs of calendula, plantain, chamomile, geranium and lavender, which provide for a complex effect on the skin.


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