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Anti-aging thread: pros and cons

Cosmetologist Alexandra Gaunt said at what age should think about nitiom lifting

A rejuvenating filament is an innovative procedure that allows you to quickly and simply solve the problems of age-related changes of the skin. Its essence lies in the fact that in the tissues of the face are introduced subtle cosmetic threads that form the new framework for the growth of collagen, thereby achieving the effect of lifting. As a result, the face becomes more fresh and young, restores the elasticity of the skin, normalizes blood circulation in the tissues of the face. The procedure leaves no scars and requires no special recovery period. The effect of the procedure persists for up to three years. At this stage, lifting is considered the best procedure to fight with first age-related manifestations, which allows to preserve not only youthful, but natural looking faces.

As a rule, lifting and rejuvenating the strands used for the correction of facial contours, disclosure nasolabial folds, sagging cheeks, correction of the position of the eyebrows. This type of rejuvenation can be used for skin tightening for the neck, décolleté or other problem areas. Due to the fact that the threads are different, cosmetologists are able to work effectively with each part of the face or body.

The advantages of this technique are that it gives a fast and natural result, does not require hospitalization, is performed by using minimally invasive methods. This procedure is much more affordable than a surgical face-lift, and provide long-term results. Due to the fact that cosmetic filament made of the materials fully compatible with the human body, virtually eliminated the possibility of rejection. We should also mention that the rejuvenation of the threads is not a contraindication for other rejuvenating salon treatment.

Like any other procedure, rejuvenation of the fiber can have negative consequences. As a rule, they are connected with insufficient qualification of the doctor-cosmetologist, conducting the procedure, or, much less, with individual characteristics of the patient (e.g., allergic to the material of the threads). If the type of threads and their number are chosen correctly, it can cause tearing of threads. In case of violation of technology introduction threads can be seal under the skin, traces of manipulation. All these effects can be minimized by responsibly approached the selection of the cosmetologist and the clinic for conducting treatments.

Who and at what age are shown rejuvenation with cosmetic threads individually, in consultation with the doctor-cosmetologist. In General, the procedure is suitable for both men and women, since thirty years, when the first signs of aging, and ending with fifty years old.

The procedure also depends on the individual characteristics of the condition of the tissues of the face. With thin skin and minimal fat layer, rejuvenation threads can be carried out not always. Contraindications for this procedure include excessive, severely sagging skin. The procedure is not indicated for the presence of cancer, diabetes, diseases of the circulatory system. The procedure is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers.


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