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Lazy makeup all the rules

Step-by-step master class specifically for from the stylist, the founder of the women's beauty club Oksana Biletskaya

Not all women get to do the right makeup that would look aesthetically pleasing on the face, concealing skin imperfections, and also would discomfort and do not create the feeling of the mask.

Intelligently to highlight the beauty and hide the flaws, will help the basic rules of lazy makeup, which I will tell you now.

Well-groomed is half the battle! Before you begin applying makeup, it is necessary to work with leather. Using the formula daily care of the face, prepare the skin, namely: clean, tone, moisturize and protect. Don't forget to wait long enough after applying the cream at the end of the skin care face for 5 minutes that he thoroughly absorbed. The remnants of the cream it is better to clean the face by wiping the skin with a cotton pad with a toner (not alcohol!). Now the skin is ready for makeup application.


In the trend of the season is natural makeup. Healthy, shining, well-groomed skin — the key to beautiful makeup. If you are unhappy with the condition of your skin, you can apply these creams as the SS or BB. They align the tone, gives a healthy Shine and hydration. Be sure to choose a cream with a protective factor from the sun's rays, at least SPF 15, as the main cause of aging of our skin is ultraviolet light. The texture of these creams are lighter, weightless, in contrast to Foundation. Therefore, the effect of the mask on the face they create, while maintaining a comfortable feeling throughout the day. Important do not apply a cream with a dense layer limiting a pair of peas on the face.

Ленивый макияж по всем правилам

Photo: materials of press-services

If the Foundation is not blocked bruises under gas, you can use a proofreader. The most common colors — peach, blue-purple bruises and olive to red-purple, or just a little to lighten the hollow under the eyes with a light beige concealer if dark circles are not so strongly expressed. For durability better concealer setting powder.

To accelerate the process of Foundation and concealer can be applied with fingertips. The brush and the wet sponge is also perfectly cope with this task. In this case a major role is played by personal preferences.

If you have oily or combination skin, the T zone (forehead, nose, chin) you need a brush to apply the powder priklepyvayut movements to fix the Foundation.

Makeup for Mature ladies should be in the CC cream to add a little radiant base or liquid highlighter. This will give the skin more of reflectance and facial wrinkles are not as noticeable.


Now that the complexion is leveled, you can get blush, to hide the pallor and give the face freshness. Apply blush need to look good. Smile! And apply blush on the protruding part of the starting from the highest point of cheekbones and spreading to the center of the face. Not Vice versa! And then get the effect of "beet cheeks" of x\f "Morozko".


If you have a very lazy makeup, eyebrows you can just put gel, combing and giving them form. They will look neat and well groomed. There is also a mascara for eyebrows that not only will give the desired shape brows and fill them with color.

Well, if you want to make eyebrows brighter or asymmetrical eyebrows, take a pencil. Here the main thing not to do dark eyebrows, and the look will be harsh and angry. Brush padasevanam and create a haze. After you can give the direction of the hairs with brow gel.


With a quick eye makeup, it is, of course, the use of mascara. A few strokes and look to become open and expressive. Memorable and about the lower lashes.

If you have the desire and time, then the next product which you can use this shadow. I recommend for ease of application, use a cream shadow. They can be applied with a finger on the middle mobile eyelid and spread across the century priklepyvayut movements. They are rapidly distributed and held throughout the day better than dry shade. Choose your beige color, it is better if he is with a peach, or sand shade.

Perhaps instead of shadows use a dark pencil, with the shadows if you "dislike". So makeup will look brighter than when using shadows. Just draw the outline and migracyjny padasevanam border flat brush to avoid sharp edges. And the lashes will look thicker.


Rapid effects allow you to achieve the lip gloss, which will give a glossy effect and will take care of the lips throughout the day.

You can also use a moisturizing lipstick nadovich shades, the application of which will not take much time. Lip gloss and lipstick ludowego shade will not withdraw the form of lips, which will save time if you are in a hurry. The edges are not very clear and the flaws are not as noticeable. Importantly do not forget that lipstick should be applied all over the lips, slightly and corrects it if necessary, but not only in their Central part.

Ленивый макияж по всем правилам

Photo: materials of press-services

Now on the market of products for makeup huge selection of products, textures, brands, and in order to get a good focus that will suit you, I suggest you meet with your makeup artist and discuss it with him once. Disassemble your makeup, if you already have one. Ask all about the flowers that are right for you, that fit you on the financial aspects. Then your lazy makeup will be exactly according to the rules!


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