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Taste and color: make a homemade mask for the face

As you know, berries contain large amounts of vitamins. So in the summer very well include berries not only in your diet, but use in cosmetic purposes

Facial masks can be made from any fruit, except for fruits with purple, blue and black color. Interestingly, berry mask is suitable for all skin types, the main thing, correctly to pick up additional ingredients. After the application of such masks wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes lighter, there is elasticity. Before applying the mask need to cleanse your face, then wash off the mask with warm water. Also do not forget about the neck and décolleté. It is most convenient to use a berry puree made with blender. You can use the berries of one kind or do a mix. Any berry masks have moisturizing effect.

Strawberries. Whitens and tones the skin, makes it silky.

Raspberry. It is believed that the mask of raspberries can help fight acne.

Tomatoes. Because the tomato is also a berry, we advise to use a mask of pureed ripe tomatoes, if you need to not only refresh the color, but also tighten the pores of the skin.

На вкус и цвет: делаем домашние маски для лица

Olga Acolyte: materials of press-services

Olga Sokolyuk, dermatologist, cosmetologist:

— The main active ingredient in the berries — the fruit acids or AHA acids. They dissolve the keratinized layer of cells, thus stimulating skin renewal and improving the appearance. It is known that the masks of fresh sour berries were used in Ancient Rome and Egypt. Fruit acids promote the healing of wounds, give a lifting effect and lighten the skin, lining her tone and adjusting dark spots. But you have to understand that at home you will not be able to achieve stunning results. It is capable of professional compositions, which should cause the doctor. Making masks at home, you can count on the fact that the complexion will be a little better, the dead skin cells will be easier to peel, and the skin will become more hydrated. If you are not allergic to berries, you want to use, abrasions, scratches and irritation and exacerbation of skin diseases, such masks can be used. For acne to make such a mask only in the period of remission. In masks for dry skin need to add fats. It can be a few drops of cream, sour cream, olive oil. You can mix fruit and milk acids and make a mix of berries and sour milk, curdled milk — this mask is suitable for oily skin. Avoid the eye area! In this delicate area, you can use gentle moisturizing masks and compresses of cucumber and parsley.


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