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Toothpaste from the future, your confidence and brush is a movie star gathered the best products for hygiene of an oral cavity

On proper brushing we are told it seems, from early childhood, everywhere — at home, in kindergarten and then in school. And still at some point we are faced with the fact that going to the dentist is inevitable. Probably each of us who were waiting for their turn at the dentist, dreamed about a magical pasta that would act like a seal. Now, the good news: these pastes already exist.

Зубная паста из будущего, уверенность в себе и щетка-кинозвезда

Photo: materials of press-services

SPLAT brand this year has introduced two revolutionary new products in the segment of professional toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Rich in minerals firming toothpaste SENSITIVE ULTRA reduces tooth sensitivity, intensively restoring the enamel. Toothpaste SENSITIVE WHITE gently, but effectively lightens the enamel and suitable even for people with sensitive teeth.

New SENSITIVE toothpaste ULTRA WHITE SENSITIVE and, thanks to its unique component — lincosamines the hydroxyapatite, act like a seal, sealing microfractures of the enamel and reducing tooth sensitivity — just about this wonderful tool we dreamed of.

Important rules

In any case, let us remind you the rules of brushing your teeth — even if they already navyazli in the teeth. So here's what you need to remember.

1. Brush your teeth twice a day (morning and evening) for at least two minutes. Choose a toothpaste and brush, based on the characteristics of the oral cavity (inflammation, sensitivity, Tartar, etc.) and the recommendations of the dentist.

If you want guaranteed results, choose tools, time-tested. For example, toothpaste Solgate Total.

Зубная паста из будущего, уверенность в себе и щетка-кинозвезда

Photo: materials of press-services

At one time, this pasta was a real revolution. Because it is made by a radically new, highly effective technologies and provides 12-hour protection from 12 problems of the oral cavity. Today it is sold in more than 100 countries, and independent dental associations in 30 countries awarded her their seal of approval. This year the slogan is: "Be completely ready for anything along with Colgate Total".

2. When cleaning, use sweeping movements from "red to white", that is, from the gum to the tooth. Do not push hard on the brush — the pressure force in no way affects the degree of purification, but may lead to damage of the gums. At the end of cleaning can be used in a circular motion, capturing the surface of the gums.

During the day after eating and drinking sweet or acidic drinks, rinse your mouth with mouthwash or milk cream. This helps to remove soft plaque and reduce the acidity of the oral cavity, and therefore reduces the risk of tooth decay.

For high-quality dental hygiene is not enough to use only toothbrush and toothpaste. To remove residue plaque, it is necessary to clean interdental spaces with floss. Depending on the distance between the teeth, you can choose ultra-thin or bulk thread.

If possible, use the irrigation experts — at least 2-3 times a week. Now there are a lot of portable irrigators, which can even easily take with you on trips — lots of space they do not occupy, but use to bring a lot. The use irrigator allows better to clean food debris from interdental spaces and hard to reach places, which can significantly reduce the risk of diseases of the oral cavity. This is especially true for people using orthodontic design.

For those who are already using the irrigator, the experts of R. O. C. S. has developed a special liquid — R. O. C. S. PRO Oral Irrigator Liquid that effectively removes plaque and prevents the development of caries in the interdental spaces.

Зубная паста из будущего, уверенность в себе и щетка-кинозвезда

Photo: materials of press-services

Due to its special composition R. O. C. S. PRO Oral Irrigator Liquid significantly increases the efficiency of the irrigator. Kelp extract relieves and prevents the risk of inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, magnesium and phosphorus are actively saturate the enamel minerals, and xylitol protects the teeth from decay. Effective and safe formula R. O. C. S. PRO Oral Irrigator Liquid without alcohol, peroxides, fluorine, sodium lauryl sulfate, dyes and parabens allows the use of a product for daily care of the oral cavity.

Select the brush

Of course, special attention should be paid to the toothbrush. Fortunately, today the market you can find absolutely any, is right for you. But frankly, while display beauty Department for a long time — a unique toothbrush from FOREO ISSA 2.

Зубная паста из будущего, уверенность в себе и щетка-кинозвезда

Photo: materials of press-services

It is an ultra-hygienic alternative to conventional brushes, and also radically different from any other brushes due to its material — medical silicone. This solves several problems: soft and flexible brush head cleans all corners of the mouth and parallel to the bristles gently massage the gums and not scratch the enamel. It is important to note that medical silicone material is nonporous, dries quickly, 100% waterproof. This makes it very hygienic.

Standard brush head ISSA 2 includes a combination of silicone and nylon bristles, however, FOREO has also developed an exclusive set for those with sensitive gums — with full silicone head.

Incidentally, the brush ISSA 2, which are able to evaluate celebrities and bloggers, she's a celebrity. After all, she starred in 5 episodes of the cult Saga "Star trek"!


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