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The smile on the guard of your youth

Dentist Olesya Kaganova talks about ways to make teeth white and beautiful

"A man is as old as he looks." In part, this popular expression is true. It is much nicer to discover that the other person looks much younger than that indicated in the passport numbers, rather than Vice versa.

An important component of appearance is the condition of the teeth. Their species is able how to add age in the eyes of the interlocutor, and much smaller. The owner of a beautiful healthy smile will always be perceived to be younger than his age.

There are basic criteria that result in the estimation of smiles, resulting in a conclusion about his age.

The color of the teeth. Beautiful white teeth are a sign of youth. If they have no color change (darkening) then automatically the owner seems younger. Opposite: dark, discolored teeth or teeth with stains are able to visually wear out.

Улыбка на страже вашей молодости

The level of the gums. Important criteria that affect the perception and evaluation of the age of the person. Normally, when you smile the amount of visible gum is 1-1. 5 mm. If this parameter is increased, typically the smile looks less attractive. In the case of a complete lack of visibility of gums its owner look older.

The exposure of incisors. This is a parameter that determines how the front teeth visible in a relaxed view (mouth open). Normally, its value is equal to 3-4 mm. the Importance of this parameter is easy to evaluate when looking at the girls on the cover. The bad news is that with age the exposure of incisors is reduced. This is due to the change of teeth, and with the change in the soft tissues of the face.

For each case associated with teeth problems, there is a special way of solving them.

For those who have the teeth color, far from perfect, there are two ways: bleaching and veneers.

Whitening. This method is suitable for those who have problems with the color of the teeth is minor and only requires only a small correction. The choice of the method of whitening does dentist, based on the analysis of the condition of the teeth of the patient. One is enough to resort to home bleaching (use of a mouth guard with a special gel), different need whitening in a dentist's office. To cost to remember that whitening is not for everyone and has a number of contraindications. How long will the result of the procedure, depends on the individual characteristics of human teeth and what diet he will stick to.

Улыбка на страже вашей молодости

Whitening is a possible way to change the color of the teeth in many cases, however, it will not improve two other important parameters — the exposure of the gums and incisors. Then we come to the aid of veneers and braces.

Veneers – this is the option that will help to eliminate the problems associated with the change in the shape and color of teeth. Thin lining on the outer part of the teeth can make a smile perfect. This type of prosthesis is becoming more and more popular (it is also called microprosthetics). Compared to bleaching, veneers have a much wider range of problems with teeth, in comparison to crowns, veneers are much more gentle option.

Улыбка на страже вашей молодости

Like any other method of intervention, veneers have limitations in their application. And the most important of them — veneers cannot be used when problems with the bite. In this case, come to the aid of orthodontic treatment. Its capabilities today are really big. The result may be improved as the exposure of incisors and gingiva, and person in General.


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