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Life hack: how to keep your skin matte in the summer

Let's see how to achieve that in the heat and look perfect

The sun is shining, birds are singing, green leaves on the trees, shiny surface of rivers and lakes... And the face also shines, because summer is in full swing. And if in the cold season makeup held steady until the evening, now treacherously drains after a few hours. But don't wait for winter?

It is pointless to require of the skin to produced less fat. Yes, and the weather conditions are extreme right now: under the sun not just the face sweat harder. And it is evident that it happens not just because of all the processes in the body makes sense. As with sebum. Sebaceous glands provide softening, moisturizing and protecting the top layer of the epidermis, sebum helps the Horny layer retain moisture, forming a protective mantle. That is to get rid of it completely irrational. But to reduce production and to remove excess Shine is not forbidden, and the overall appearance will become more well-groomed. To Matt without hurting the individual, check out our recommendations.

Start with competent cleansing

For residents of the metropolis daily washing morning and evening is as natural as brushing your teeth. And this is not surprising. Think about it, if the layer remaining on the skin of impurities, apply the cream, it will not bring any benefit, but the pores will score almost for sure. But do not overdo it: too frequent cleansing washes away the natural grease.

It is best to wash with water at room temperature so that her hands almost felt. It does not provoke any contraction or expansion of blood vessels, does not cause peeling. From the contrasting washing recommended eliminate. Our skin is thin and fragile, so good initiative can turn into rosacea.

Choose a cleanser depending on skin type. Owners normal, because in the store there is a huge number of suitable products. It can be milk or lotion to remove makeup, lotion or cream to dry up the skin, looking in the allantoin which has a soothing and moisturizing action and stimulates cell renewal. Funds with vegetable oils and milk proteins will also help to avoid dehydration. Girls with dry skin suitable soft foam without soap and ethyl alcohol. Vitamins, hyaluronic acid and other useful components in cleansing agents for this are not really needed, because after a few seconds you will wash away. But anti-anxiety Supplement like bisabolol welcome.

Лайфхак: как сохранить кожу матовой летом

Proper care will help to cope with fatty biscotto:

If you have oily or problematic skin, cleansing generally comes to the fore. Important quality to get rid of any excess sebum, to reduce inflammation. The remedy in this case is to remove bacteria and debris, without reducing the natural moisture level. However, when using aggressive products oily skin can become dehydrated, so do not use cosmetics that contain eucalyptus, menthol and mint — they are just that. If you prefer the funds on the basis of alcohol, choose those in which its concentration is not more than thirty percent, or decrease the quality of the hydrolipid mantle. It is better to use products with ethyl alcohol and cetilovy: it moisturizes. Aggressive acids like salicylic or glycolic can damage the skin, but lipo-hydroxy acid harmless, it is only for her proven antioxidant effect.

Add a facial treatment mask

Of course, the instant result, they will not give, but will help to regulate the activity of sebaceous glands. So, those will produce less sebum. The known matting agent is white clay, which you can buy at any pharmacy. Dilute with water a couple of tablespoons of clay and add a drop of essential oil of tea tree. Do this mask one or two times a week. It perfectly cleanses and tightens pores, draws out toxins and fights with a greasy luster. Also use mud masks, but don't try how should you clean the face, causing several masks, one after another. It is better to use one tool once a week for a month, and then move on to another.

Don't forget about the peels and scrubs

Use scrubs no more than once a week. Choose tools creamy texture and make sure that the pellets were perfectly round. Keep in mind that natural ingredients like apricot kernel is physically impossible advanced so that they didn't have sharp scratchy corners, so it is better to avoid. With enzyme peels, be careful. They are based enzymes, and if their concentrations are high, may result in irritation. However, when small quantities of similar products are preferable to scrubs, as are quite soft.

Buy a good sunscreen

Use it every day before applying makeup and the Shine will be able to forget. Moreover, the daily application of this cream did not hurt the skin. As a rule, matting tools give the effect of up to four to six hours. In a normal working day this is enough, but if in the evening you need to go to a meeting, you can re-apply the cream, of course, on cleansed skin. In the summer of such products are just a lifesaver, especially if you bought the ideal tool. To select is this, pay attention to texture. This may be an emulsion, gel or fluid: they are best suited for the skin with a greasy luster, quickly absorbed and does not give a sticky feeling. Test it when you buy: to see how the product works, apply it on the forehead or on the nose wings. On the hand where we most often check the skin much less sebaceous glands. But it is possible to assess the compatibility of the tools with your Foundation, because it is important that the tone not rolled down. And don't forget that in practically all matte creams contain components that reduce the production of sebum. The most effective is zinc. It not only controls excess sebum, but also has anti-inflammatory effect. Also these tools are part of acid. They regulate the glands and exfoliate dead cells, reduce pores and combat blackheads. And in order to avoid drying out at night always use a moisturizer. Or not apply all over the face, but only on those areas where there often appears to Shine. In addition, cosmetics with a matte effect, not only regulates the secretion of fat, but also absorbs the excess, like powder. So are, for example, corn starch or mineral perlite. And not to overdo it in the struggle for matte skin, avoid in products of high concentrations of acids and alcohol. Otherwise there is a risk of damaging the protective barrier. Two more dangerous component is talc and mineral oil. They are able to clog the pores and trigger the formation of comedones.

Лайфхак: как сохранить кожу матовой летом

Summer is better to abandon the difficult macerate:

Pick the right makeup

Any beautician would be horrified, tell him what you are doing in the summer a thorough makeover. And you — from prospects to appear on the street without makeup. Therefore, in order to look great and not to cause direct harm to the skin, just slightly lighten the usual make-up. First, apply to the face day cream with a light texture or serum. To hide small blemishes or circles under the eyes will help the proofreaders. Can use loose mineral powder (in its composition almost certainly does not include alcohol, fragrances and other "chemistry"). But the Foundation forget. It will mix with sweat and create a perfect incubator for bacteria. If you want to even out the complexion and the skin you have not yet managed to acquire a bronze tint, it is better to take the spray tan. And attract attention to the eyes. Water-resistant mascara and eyebrow pencil to use is not forbidden. As balm or lip gloss. That makeup is not "floated" in the end sprinkle the face with fixing spray. In hot weather it is simply an indispensable tool.

Put it in her purse matting napkins

Quite a few times gently wet them face to skin to become fresh. And wipes much better than the usual powders, since they absorb sebum and not camouflage it. Dust even should leave the house and not use the attached sponge, and exclusively single-use cotton pads to apply on face bacteria.

As you can see, all the recommendations are elementary. But we should start to follow them, and after a few days you will notice a pleasant change: the face is not greasy gleam and glow from within.


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