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What hurt the teeth and gums

The causes of the problems can be very different. From a bad environment and genetic predisposition to stomach acidity. But often it all comes down to improper care. Dentist Tigran Grigoryan shares the secrets of maintaining the beauty of your smile

To clean teeth properly is an art

Most patients do not know how to properly use the brush and clean the teeth. Many brush their teeth without touching the gums, thereby cleaning out the infection is from the circular ligament of the tooth (i.e., from the pocket in the cervical portion of the tooth). It turns out that under the gum remains of food, which will eventually begin to rot. The gums become inflamed, its color varies from pink to brown or purple, it grows in size and begins to bleed during brushing. But do not be afraid to clean, even when there is blood, because this inflammation that must be removed. You need to clean horizontal, vertical, circular and side motions to scrub the plaque and infection from gum pockets. At the same time you don't want to be too aggressive and grind the gums with a brush, otherwise it can develop sores and wounds.

От чего болят зубы и десны

Tigran Gregoriandate: materials of press-services

Water to help

Buy oral irrigator. With the help of water pressure, this device cleans and knocks out the remains of food from hard to reach places massages the gums and restoring them, and also minimizes the formation of cavities on contact surfaces of teeth. Why is it so important? Unfortunately, in our time, the gums can hurt even more than the teeth. The pain can give in the whole jaw, will not even help for the pain, as the infection has already kapsulirovannaja. According to dentists, oral irrigator necessarily have to be home every person that cares about oral hygiene. Encourage your children to daily use of the Waterpik. But there must be a sense of proportion. Cleaning in high pressure mode can trigger the restoration of the gums, and the formation of even larger pockets between the teeth where food can hide even harder.

Don't do whitening

The whitening procedure is not so safe. The tooth consists of a thin layer of enamel is its protective cover that saves it from external factors and influences, including caries. You can whiten your teeth in several ways: beveling layer of enamel or change the structure of the enamel, after which it will become more fragile, sensitive, teeth will begin to break down. Of course, not at once: the process will proceed quietly, but after three or four years, will break away the enamel and eventually decay will destroy it. In the future you will become a regular customer the dentist will have to restore the seal or to put new ones that will lead to the removal of the nerve on the tooth and the prosthesis. When bleaching you should not be of problem zones with enamel and caries, otherwise the process will be painful. After whitening your fillings and crowns, if any, will not change color and you will have to redo it. Besides bleached teeth in six months or a year tend to return to the former color.


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