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5 ways to use ordinary starch

It is a universal tool of the kitchen

Method # 1

I cut my finger? Baby got scratch? Sprinkle the wound with starch and a couple of seconds, the bleeding stops. Also acts as a soap.

5 способов использования обычного крахмала

Treats ранки

Method # 2

During a cold make a solution to rinse the starch based. Half a teaspoon dissolved in a glass of water, add three drops of iodine. Use three times a day.

5 способов использования обычного крахмала

Will save long ангине

Method # 3

If you have problems with stomach, take a tablespoon of potato starch for 15 minutes before eating. Help this product and an upset stomach. Mix half Cup water, table spoon of starch and 3 drops of iodine. The solution should be drunk directly, the result will be Sabarmati.

5 способов использования обычного крахмала

Will help желудку

Method # 4

For beauty. If added to the bath when bathing, 0.5 kg of starch, at least once a week, you will forget about skin problems. Helps to get rid of age spots, acne, pimples. You only need to RUB the powder into the trouble. And to get rid of wrinkles, dilute the starch with boiling water to state of pulp, the mixture, apply on the right place. Wrinkles smoothed, and hardened skin will become softer.

5 способов использования обычного крахмала

Support красоту

Method # 5

If you run out of powder for a child, do not rush to the store — it will replace all of the same starch. Absolutely safe tool.

5 способов использования обычного крахмала

Suitable for младенцев


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