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5 secrets matte lipstick

Tell how not to be mistaken with color and avoid lip dryness

Matte lipstick stays on peak of popularity than one season. This is not surprising: a velvety, persistent, comfortable, thick — it makes any lip makeup impressive and finished without the use of contour pencil.

Five secrets matte lipstick said the expert of cosmetic brand STILL Faith andruhina.

Secret 1

The secret to a flawless matte finish — prepared surface of the lips. Feature of matte lipsticks is its ability to highlight all the bumps on the lips. That's why before applying you need to treat and moisturize the lips by using a delicate scrub or mask.

Secret 2

Take care of the comfort. On untrained lips harder to wear matte lipstick because of feeling of tightness. To avoid this, simply: to regularly use lip balm that protects against the harmful effects of sun, wind and cold, and before applying the colored coating, use a moisturizer or primer for the lips.

Also the perfect Foundation will be the base for the shadows: there is no fat-containing components, and it perfectly aligns the surface of the lips and extends the durability of the lipstick.

Secret 3

It is important to remember that the color of the matte lipstick is much brighter and denser than other textures. It is necessary to consider when choosing the right shade. A win-win — Nude is suitable for padonu leather, or classic red.

If we talk about the red shades, of course, is to remember that it's always a win-win. It is best to choose red — it is almost everything. And if you want to experiment with colors, better still to choose a quiet dark shades.

Secret 4

Composition — the key to quality assessment. A good lipstick that contains natural oils, waxes, UV-filters, vitamins. Modern matte lipstick is available in two formats: liquid and stick. In the first more silicones, the second waxes.

The qualitative composition of the matte lipstick is advantageous to emphasize the sensual lip print.

Secret 5

The durability of a matte lipstick can turn into a test for when lips make-up remover. If no special means, it is possible to use the regular lip balm with the oils. They will perfectly dissolve the coating and cleansing not difficult.

If you have been looking for a matte lipstick the other, but to try it for yourself not solved, now you just have to decide on color and reason.


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