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What are peptides and why are they needed — about beauty products and have a powerful rejuvenating effect

To stop the running of time is impossible, but a bit slow it can be. That is what long years of struggling scientists around the world. In the 70-ies of the last century on the basis of the Military medical Academy named after S. M. Kirov, developed the concept of peptide Bioregulation, according to which age-related decline in protein synthesis can be restored with the aid of signal peptides. Scientists decoded the sequence of amino acids in peptides, isolated them from the body of animals, and later man, have conducted numerous laboratory and clinical tests and began manufacture of their synthetic analogues. Since then, peptides have spread in advanced cosmetic products that effectively slow down the aging process.

Peptides have several unique properties. They are capable of:

⇒ due to the extremely small size molecules to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin that are inaccessible to most cosmetic ingredients;

⇒ to stimulate fibroblasts to synthesize collagen and other essential components;

⇒ lengthen the lifespan of the cells to 30%, slowing the aging process;

⇒ to act selectively stimulating different processes in the skin;

⇒ to work synergistically, enhancing the rejuvenating effect each other in one product, for example, to stimulate collagen synthesis, to strengthen the dermo-epidermal connection and relax facial expressions.

It is unique in its nature highly active peptides are the main feature Activator code youth Anti-AGE Complex NB. They work in tandem with antipicate, powerful antioxidants of natural origin.

Что такое пептиды и зачем они нужны

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The Golden collection Complex NB luxury product. Serum for the face with a fast visible lifting effect ─ a breakthrough in the field of revitalizers and anti-age cosmetics. The serum enriched with a combination of professional and highly active peptides biotechnologisch complexes, making it a great remodeling all structures of the skin, fights glycation, regenerare, moisturizes the skin, erases signs of fatigue and marks the first age-related changes.

A concentrate of energy and the activator collagen to those who want to feel more energetic to maintain health, youth, elasticity and healthy glow of the skin. The tool protects the body from glycation and free radicals, improves metabolism, strengthens joints and improves performance and concentration.

Multicomponent peptide drug to prevent age-related changes. A powerful peptide substance in the complex with antioxidants of natural origin, reinforcing each other's actions, solve problems of fatigue, stress and sleep disorders. Remedy improves cerebral blood circulation, supports normal levels of metabolism, normalizes the immune and reproductive systems.

Originally from Italy

The structure of peptides is unique, so they are able to affect certain biochemical processes in the skin. Peptides in the makeup similar to our own peptides are synthesized by the laboratory, hypoallergenic.

The most common peptides used in cosmetics, are signal peptides that stimulate the synthesis of collagen and provide a lifting effect. The most effective of them are Palmitoyl partipated-4 and Palmitoyl Oligopeptide — they stimulate deeper layers of the skin, trigger collagen synthesis and its further structuring, similar to the natural processes of young skin.

Что такое пептиды и зачем они нужны

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The latter can be found in the unique new product from the Italian brand EGIA Biocare System — a Cream with a peptide complex, intensive recovery /Peptide face cream. Complexes of signalling and regulatory peptides included in the composition of this cream improve the appearance of the epidermis and thickening of the skin structure. Vegetable oils, phyto-extracts and panthenol (they are also among the main ingredients) accelerate regenerative processes, restore and permanently maintain water balance, improve skin barrier function. Cream comprehensive anti-aging action suitable for all skin types and can be used as a makeup base.

With this cream blends perfectly rejuvenating Serum with peptide complex /Peptide face serum from EGIA Biocare System (Italy). The main question that is often asked cosmetologists: why you need a serum if there is such a highly effective cream. It should be understood that serums, unlike creams, do not provide comprehensive protection of the skin. But they perfectly solve anti-aging problems. Serum with anti-aging peptide complex allows to restore tone and elasticity to the skin to remove superficial wrinkles and reduce the severity of deep, to improve the complexion and skin's surface. Results — thanks to a powerful structure — visible after the first application: skin is smoother, firmer and more youthful.

And finally, do not forget about the sensitive area around the eyes. This area is designed eye Cream with anti-aging peptide complex Peptide eye cream from face EGIA Biocare System (Italy).

Что такое пептиды и зачем они нужны

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Gentle cream tightens and firms skin around the eyes, improves microcirculation and lymphatic drainage, which prevents the development of edema and formation of hernias. Improves skin tone and elasticity, smoothes wrinkles, eliminates dryness and dehydration. Because the tool is powerful, remember that to apply the cream correctly: only the stationary upper eyelid (between the eyebrow and the bony edge of the orbit), and the offset from the ciliary edge of the lower eyelid should be at least 5 mm.


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