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Why do I need braces

Now almost every second goes with the braces, even Hollywood stars. Why do we need these structures and why they are so expensive, we understand with orthodontist Diana Kiva

Remember the picture from a textbook on biology, which is drawn by ancient man. Its main distinguishing feature from modern, which immediately catches the eye, a massive, protruding jaw. They were needed for chewing food, cooked on fire. Modern man was no good, because we already have 1000 and 1 way of cooking. Therefore, the size of the jaws is significantly reduced. From here started the problem: most of the world's population in your mouth is not enough space for teeth to erupt so they are wrong, and patients are increasingly turning to the orthodontist to fix the "crooked" teeth.

Зачем нужны брекеты

Diane Civetta: materials of press-services

Modern orthodontic treatment is divided into several stages. The first stage begins when the child is in the period of change of teeth — the milk fall out and begin to appear permanent. During this period, children treated with removable devices plates or lastpositions. There are cases when even at this age put braces, but not on all teeth, but only 4 front and 2 rear regular. Often the treatment is confined to this stage. But if the malocclusion is severe, then proceed to the second stage.
The second stage is the treatment of adolescents or adults with the entire set of permanent teeth. There are several treatment options. The first and most common is the bracket system. Vestibular braces attached to the outside of teeth, they are visible to others. Come in metal and clear (ceramic or sapphire) braces. For those who want to leave their treatment unnoticed by the others, came up with lingual braces — in this case the braces are placed on the inner side of the teeth.

Often patients wonder what to do since childhood, to avoid orthodontic treatment? Most of the malocclusion are genetic in nature — in this case to change something without the aid of a physician will not succeed. But there are other factors that can lead to a change in the bite. It's a bad habit in infants, such as sucking fingers, pens... With early removal of baby teeth when the permanent tooth will not be soon, be sure to set the unit to retain the vacant space. Because nature abhors a vacuum, and in place of the removed tooth will move next.

But perhaps the most important and common cause of the malocclusion is mouth breathing. If the child is hard to breathe through the nose, such as adenoids when enlarged, it will breathe through the mouth. In this case, the facial muscles will not work properly, which will lead to changes at the level of the jaws. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the health of not only the mouth but also otolaryngology.


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