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Plastic surgery: for and against

Especially for plastic surgeon Zarina of Abregov explains why you should not fear surgery and how to avoid becoming anyone's "clone"

Natural beauty is one of the most valuable gifts that can be given person, especially a woman. But still a lot of people who are not satisfied with their appearance. And here can come the latest technology for aesthetic medicine, particularly plastic surgery. Of course, the latter's importance in the modern world cannot be overestimated. It is enough to mention the fact that plastic surgery helps to find a new face and maybe a new happy life for the survivors of severe trauma and disease. Those who are simply dissatisfied with their appearance and would like to eliminate the existing defects, can also benefit from plastic surgery advances and closer to the ideal image of yourself you saw in your dreams.

The inevitable consequence of the increased popularity of plastic surgery has become a growing number of vocal opponents to the industry. The arguments that they put forward are quite reasonable and logical and often are reduced to two basic theses. First, it is a health risk that carries any plastic surgery. Secondly, it is the loss of identity, the substitution of unique and unique image of nature, a false surrogate. But how accurate and objective are these arguments? Let us examine each of these in detail.

Пластическая хирургия: за и против

Zarina, Abramovitch: materials of press-services

1. Of course, the health risk at carrying out of plastic operations, as well as negative consequences after have perfect manipulation, unfortunately, real. The most high-profile cases related to injury in the clinics of plastic surgery and the subsequent years of litigation, at the hearing of the General public. However, despite the publicity that such cases are still rather exceptions than common practice. In our country daily is a huge number of successful plastic surgery, which can evaluate only the inner circle of satisfied customers. Adverse health effects may arise when performing such innocuous at first sight, manipulation as dental and cosmetic procedures, but nobody comes to refuse the services of a dentist or cosmetic sessions. On the other hand, it is obvious that the choice of the doctor and the clinic for plastic surgery, should be treated with the maximum seriousness and responsibility, then the risk will be minimal.

2. As for the second argument on the standard "puppet" appearance, here, perhaps, is the correctly to apply the famous saying: "Best is the enemy of good." A sense of proportion and prudence should help the clients (and especially clients) to maintain a balance between the desire for perfect appearance and naturalness. Those "plastic doll", which were mentioned earlier, are an example of blatant non-compliance of a sense of proportion. The most numerous of the same "Insta-girls", transformed through the efforts of plastic surgeons in clones of each other, in pursuit of the perfect beauty of the are unable to stop in time. However, among domestic and foreign celebrities have a huge number of positive examples. Chiseled nose Blake lively and Scarlett Johansson, aristocratic cheekbones of Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are all examples correctly carried out plastic surgery. None of these film stars have not lost their individuality and unique appearance, and only emphasized the natural beauty with plastic surgery. Interference in their natural appearance is made extremely delicately, and beauty looks harmonious and natural. An example of a successful plastics in the Russian show-business — appearance Olga Buzova, which was transformed from a vulgar young ladies in femme fatale without losing their individuality.

Thus plastic surgery today is a real magic wand, can work wonders. Whether to abandon it?


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